Tablo App on Android keeps stopping

My Android device keeps popping up the message “Tablo has stopped”. Which confuses me, because I have no idea why my Tablo app would be running.

I’ve installed the app on my device, but I’ve only rarely used it, I’m usually away from home and out of range of my local network when I’m seeing this happen.

Is the Tablo App configured to try to autosync, or something, periodically throughout the day? Something has to be trying to start it, and it’s not me.

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I have the same issue. I don’t try to access it and receive the same message.

I have that same issue as well so apparently we’re not alone.

Same here. I can make it always happen when I disconnect my headphones from the phone while using Plex. Guaranteed. And I get the message when I’ve not even started Tablo.

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I’ve been getting crashes too. In fact my Note 5 keeps recommending I uninstall the app because it is crashing so often.

I’ve passed this thread along to the Android team. They’ll investigate today.

Hey folks - Can you please check out your devices and confirm whether you’re using the latest loads?

It should be either 3000238 or 3000243.

If you can please reply back with that info and the specific device you’re seeing this on it’ll help us understand why this is happening.

My device is a T-Mobile Note 5 running Android 5.1.1. I have hit the report button a few times on the crashes so the Android team should have some crash logs. The app version is 1.0.21 and there are no updates in the play store.

I also have a Samsung Tab S 10.5 running Android 5.0.2. It is not having the crashes.

Both are on 3000238.

I’m running a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4/Nook (Android 5.0.2)

My app is version 1.0.21. And I’d had the Tablo Video Player installed. I just started the app, and was told the separate video player is no longer required, and was prompted to uninstall it.

I’ve seen this several times on my Android (Moto X 2014) as well. The app seems to work OK, but this message can pop-up at odd times.

Mine is load 3000238. I have a Samsung galaxy s5. I get the message quite often, but doesn’t really bother me.

Based on some of the crash reports this may be an issue that has been fixed but not pushed yet. We’ll continue to check in on this so please keep us posted.

FYI… I’m getting the same error, and it happens every time I disconnect headphones (wired) and when I disconnect bluetooth (e.g. shut off my car and I get “Unfortunately Tablo has stopped” error). And like others have reported, this happens even when I haven’t been using the tablo app since my last reboot.

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I can reproduce the error when using screen mirroring (Samsung S5 on 4.4.4) to mirror Sling TV to Roku 3 and then switching back to the Roku Sling TV app via the Roku remote. Every time: “Tablo TV has stopped” even though Tablo was not open at the time. I hope that makes sense.

Hey - happening almost daily, here, too. Build 3000238 | Samsung Galaxy S5

I have sent the report many times. Some days no stops, some days hourly.

Samsung Note 4
HTML/Application: 1.0.21-545 / 3000238
Android: 5.0.1

We do have a fix for this that will be pushed soon.

I’ve had this for a while, and I’m on a Samsung also. Seems you guys have constant problems with the Samsungs? Do they do something different?

@Max - That’s very likely. Unlike iOS where there’s a defined set of devices and a fairly small sandbox of iOS firmware, there’s SO much variation in Android devices that they can sometimes behave unexpectedly. We have a fairly decent amount of devices between our internal stash and the beta team but we don’t have every device/firmware permutation covered.

Getting the same problem daily for LG G4 (AT&T), and Sony Xperia Z1 Tablet…