Tablo App Now Available on Kindle Fire Tablets (Sorry, not Kindle Fire TV yet...)

The Tablo app is now in the Kindle store and has passed for the following devices:

Kindle Fire HDX 7 WAN (3rd Gen)

Kindle Fire HD 7 (3rd Gen)

Fire HD 7 (4th Gen)

Fire HD 6 (4th Gen)

Kindle Fire HDX 7 WiFi (3rd Gen)

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 WAN (3rd Gen)

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 WiFi (3rd Gen)

Here's the link to the app:

Thanks for everyone's patience as we worked with Amazon to get this approved. 


This is awesome! Thank you so much. Now for the FireTV. :slight_smile:

Thank you Tablo dev team.    Looking forward to Tablo Amazon Fire TV app :wink:

Installed the Tablo app on a Fire 8.9 HDX. Unfortunately, it more often crashes to the home screen when I try to play a recording than actually plays the recording.

Any idea what the timing (roughly) for getting this on the Fire TV?  The Plex channel doesn’t work too well for me.  I really want to like this device, it will do everything my wife want’s it to do(timeshifting, ability to start watching a recording before it’s finished), but I need a native app for Fire TV.  I’m patient (when I have to be), just curious if we are talking weeks or if we’re looking into 2015.  I know somethings are out of your hands.  I don’t have a Roku and don’t want to buy one just to use this.  

@DaveH - It’ll take longer than a few weeks that’s for sure. Working on getting a clearer ETA from the dev team.


@TabloTV - Is there a decision to deliver a Fire TV app? If so, has work started on it?

@jkline - The CEO would like us to do one, so that’s a good sign :slight_smile: The groundwork is being laid now by our Android team as they work on stability and speed improvements. 

@TabloTV:   Thank you for update and good news regarding Fire TV app.   Please pass on big thanks to your CEO  ;)

Agreed. Please pass along big thanks to the CEO!

Will do @jkline and @7Up

I side loaded the Android app on my rooted Fire TV and it is working OK.  The only problem is that it will only connect to Tablo via the WiFi interface…it won’t connect thru the Wired Ethernet connection; other than this, the Android app is working reasonably well.  Hope we either get a real app for FireTV or fix the Android app so the Tablo can be connected using wired connection.  I have another Android based media box with the Tablo Android app exhibiting the same problem…so this is definitely an Android app issue

@lowbee - Stay tuned! It’s something we’re looking very closely at! 

Cool, any hint on whether we will be getting a refreshed Android app with Wired Connection capability or a real Fire TV app ? both would be nice :wink:

In the meantime, I will try see if I can bridge the WiFi and the Eth0 interface to see if it will workaround the wired connection issue on the Android app, will report back if successful

We really would like to do a FireTV app and give users more options for the ‘living room’ experience.

Any ETA on the Fire TV app ? We really need an app that will work with wired Ethernet for the best “living room” experience

@lowbee - We’re working on it now. Wish I had an ETA to share but you’ll know when we’ve got it! 

If you want to volunteer to beta test when it’s getting close, send a note to @TabloSupport

@TabloTV - OK, I’ll bite :slight_smile: I’ve got 3 Fire TV at home

Cool - make sure to send a note to @TabloSupport. They’re organizing the beta testing.