Tablo App keeps randomly exiting back to Roku home screen

Well… I stand by the results I have gotten by using the methods I referred to above. My Dad’s TCL Roku TV suffered from a severely dim screen and nothing worked (restarts, power downs, software updates, even a factory reset) until I tried the cache clearing methods I mentioned. I actually needed to use a combination of the method I posted and a secondary method and it resolved the issue. Perhaps it is only effective on Roku TVs but then what is the purpose of the actions any Roku performs when the key sequence is pressed?

Until you can show how easy and care free it is - your self, suggesting someone else do it for troubleshooting…

It’s not a troubleshooting tactic and if done wrong could brick your device.

I downgraded to 10.0 and then after confirming issue goes away re-updated to 10.5. I figure Tablo or Roku will figure it out eventually and in the meantime I just am using my Firestick 4k mostly for accessing my Tablo. If I didn’t have the Firestick 4k to fall back on might have been more reluctant to go back to 10.5 though. I wish the Roku and Amazon teams would share notes - odd how both different platforms control the Tablo differently with each platform having pluses and minuses.

The Roku devices are designed for streaming applications - my personal feelings are it is substandard for “live TV” applications. My FireTV devices perform quite a bit better with both Tablo & SiliconDust applications. Unfortunately, my wife prefers the remote and home screen of the Roku, so I have both devices on the TVs that I watch, and her TVs have only the Roku.

I have streaming devices that use Android, IOS, FireTV, Roku, XBox & PC’s. All work well with both Tablo & SiliconDust except the Roku units. There is a large increase in buffering, there are audio issues (Roku won’t process the audio properly for SiliconDust products) and their battery life is really poor.

I used to be a huge fanboy of Roku - not so much any longer…

I find I like both the Firestick 4k and the Roku Ultra. I get bored with one or the other and am as likely to switch between one or the other on a whim. I find for the Tablo - Roku version connects faster initially, but switches channels slower. If not for the 10.5 crashes I’d probably use it just because overall I find the Roku Ultra interface faster than the Firestick 4k. I do have the new Firestick 4k on order and it has 50% more memory than the old model and a faster processor so hopefully it speeds up some of the interface lag. I’m also ditching my Vizio TV and going with a Hisense U8G ( delivery tomorrow if all goes well) so may just be mute and I switch to using it to control my Tablo. Knowing me I’ll just use all 3 anyway :wink:

Off topic, I think you’ll really like your U8G. I snagged a H8G when our TCL Roku TV suddenly stopped powering on and I’ve been quite happy with the picture. We prefer the UI of the Chomecast with Google TV so use it instead of the built-in Android TV on the H8G.

(Tablo Software 2.2.38 / Roku 3600X Stick - software 10.5.0 build 4174-24.)
Same problem of the app closing while using it, started after upgrading Roku to 10.5 on 10/6/2021. It was working fine prior to the Roku software upgrade.
I tried bbaorbb’s ‘clearing the Roku cache’, but it still happened. Tried another Roku restart thru menus and the issue still persists.
Problem seems to be on Roku’s end, but it could be an API change that causes the Tablo app to quit.
Could not find any related posts in the Roku community.

I didn’t read the whole thread, so if this has already been suggested, I apologize…
Have you tried removing the Tablo app from your Roku and then re-installing it?
I’ve had this work for other Roku apps.

I’ve been following this thread because I, too, have had problems with the Tablo Roku app since upgrading to Roku 10.5. To be clear, I’ve uninstalled the Tablo app and cleared the Roku cache using these keystrokes on the remote: 5x Home, 1 Up, 2 Rew, 2 FFwd. I can report that the problems still exist.

From my experience, if you write an app that runs on a specific OS platform, it’s your (Tablo’s) responsibility to make sure that the app works with new OS releases. As users, we should not be asked to downgrade our firmware or app.

Tablo, please investigate and fix these problems.


You assume tablo had Ruko OS 10.5 before you did. I have a number of different models including a newer ultra and none of them has automatically received the new version. Could it be that Roku has stopped or slowed down the auto-updates to this version?

If you go back 3-4 years Roku had new OS versions that broke tablo and other products. And every fix that they released really didn’t fix the problem.

For me the key that there might be problems was when the 10.5 release notes indicated significant performance improvements in the video player. Since tablo uses the devices supplied video player it sounded like a trip on the titanic. And when significant improvements are made there are unforeseen side affects.

Concur. Really would be nice to see official Tablo statement on this issue.

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Thx - anticipation at peak level and still about 24 hours to go for scheduled delivery…

It appears that Roku’s latest OS update (10.5) has caused problems for a subset of customers across a number of streaming channels including Tablo’s.

We have not been able to reproduce the issues reported to us yet using the same hardware/OS combinations mentioned above but will continue to test and gather data.

If you are experiencing this issue, please let us know exactly what you’re doing when crashes occur.

Customers whose Roku units are not yet running 10.5 are unaffected.

I only agree if Tablo had advance notice/access to the RokuOS changes. Roku is infamous for making changes that aren’t communicated beforehand to channel owners. Otherwise, this is on Roku.


Awesome to know it is being worked on. I can’t seem to pin down a specific trigger, but if I change channels or switch from a recorded show to a live channel or the other way around I can usually get at least one crash to Roku desktop. I will make a point to better document when it occurs. I wouldn’t even mind calling in and have you do a data capture, but my only availability seems to be 30 minutes prior to your phone support closing. Let me know if you want to take me up on it knowing how close to closing the time would be.

UPDATE - I can now 100% duplicate the crash to Roku desktop in one of three ways.

Method 1

  1. Open Tablo App
  2. View any live channel
  3. return back to menu and select recordings
  4. start watching a recording - will result in crash to Roku desktop

Method 2

  1. Open Tablo App
  2. start watching any recording
  3. return back to menu and select live tv
  4. select any channel from the guide to view will result in crash to Roku desktop

Method 3

  1. Open Tablo App
  2. start watching a recorded show
  3. return back and select a different recorded show and start watching will result in crash to Roku Desktop.

I can duplicate 1, 2 or 3 methods to crash to Roku Desktop. There may be more combinations but this should give you something to verify and test.

It’s much more fun reading the various Roku community threads.

Roku 10.5.0 update status

Has this gone-live? Neither of my 4K roku’ s will update. Has it gone live but there we’re substantial issues and it was removed? Apps are starting to have issues with play back and I’m getting concerned

Tablo… This is 100% easily recreated.

It seems that they always have difficulty reproducing problems :thinking:

Perhaps I missed something (sorry!) but how exactly did you downgrade the Roku from 10.5 to 10.0 (and then back to 10.5)??

Hi Neil - Thanks for outlining these.

We’re still unable to get a crash at all using these methods.

Can you check the ‘long version’ of the Roku OS you’re using?

We’ve got 10.5.0 build 4174-17.

Perhaps there’s a slightly different version number that’s causing the issues?