Tablo App keeps randomly exiting back to Roku home screen

My Roku Ultra works fine with Tablo. No random exits ever. But when we’re navigating YouTube and push the right direction button it exits, makes a funny sound, and goes to a screen to install the Hulu app. Always Hulu. I’m guessing it’s something hinky with the remote but we have been living with it. Happens maybe once or twice a week.

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A couple of things I would try…
As mentioned above, try clearing the cache memory of your Roku, I do this by going into the Setting Menu and selecting System Reset (NOT Factory Reset). Your Roku will go through what looks like a power-up process.
For me, the Roku System Reset fixes the problem with Tablo’s thumbnails disappearing during fast forwarding and also fixes issues with YouTube whenever it starts acting erratic.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, I would then try removing the Tablo app from my Roku and re-install it. I’ve seen this fix some problems after a Roku OS update.

After this newest update, and even after I dumped all the recordings, my Roku app constantly disconnects from the TABLO whereas I have no issues with my Apple TV app. What gives?

What version is the Roku system software?

I’m having the same issue with Tablo. If I try to watch a recording it backs out the first time, but not always, and when I go back in, it plays fine. It also backs me out almost religiously if I change live channels. Watch one, go to another and it backs me out. These are really frustrating. Never really had the issue until last few weeks. Before was pretty intermittent and couldn’t repeat. But just repeated several times today on me. Just got latest Tablo update 2.2.38 and on Roku 10.5.0 build 4167-04


Some have had problems with the Roku 10.5 software version. This thread talks about how to rollback to V10, might be worth trying.

If they had, casually informing someone they need to roll back their firmware seems reckless.

New Roku build today. 4174

Issue remains.

Try clearing your Roku cache - see my post above for instructions.

Can confirm for me as well. Running a new 4800 Ultra. I think it relates to the 10.5 Roku OS upgrade and not the 2.2.38 Tablo firmware update though hard for me to say for sure since up until a few days ago I was running the previous generation Ultra. I tried the secret menu reset mentioned in this thread above with no difference. For now my fix has been I’m using my Firestick 4k to use my Tablo as it does not suffer the issue (leading me further to suspect it is the Roku 10.5 OS that is causing this).

I am still on Roku 10.0 (upgrade not available yet for me), and no issues. Making me think twice about applying the update.

With Tablo you have a choice whether to upgrade or not, AFAIK there’s no way to stop the Roku auto-update! :confused:

Not at all reckless, since others have complained about the same (or a similar) problem after “updating” their Tablo to .38…and rolling back the firmware wouldn’t do any harm.
“Reckless” would only apply if reverting back to .36 would cause a problem.
.38 seems to be problematic for some, so it’s a good option for troubleshooting purposes.

According to Roku, there is no way of clearing the cache on their units.
Anything that’s done in an attempt to clear the cache will either do nothing or simply reboot the unit (which actually may resolve certain problems).
All that’s required is a “system restart”.
From the main screen: “settings”, then “system”, then “system restart”.
As per Roku, this is all that’s needed (and functional) to “clear the cobwebs” that may exist.

Well… I stand by the results I have gotten by using the methods I referred to above. My Dad’s TCL Roku TV suffered from a severely dim screen and nothing worked (restarts, power downs, software updates, even a factory reset) until I tried the cache clearing methods I mentioned. I actually needed to use a combination of the method I posted and a secondary method and it resolved the issue. Perhaps it is only effective on Roku TVs but then what is the purpose of the actions any Roku performs when the key sequence is pressed?

Until you can show how easy and care free it is - your self, suggesting someone else do it for troubleshooting…

It’s not a troubleshooting tactic and if done wrong could brick your device.

I downgraded to 10.0 and then after confirming issue goes away re-updated to 10.5. I figure Tablo or Roku will figure it out eventually and in the meantime I just am using my Firestick 4k mostly for accessing my Tablo. If I didn’t have the Firestick 4k to fall back on might have been more reluctant to go back to 10.5 though. I wish the Roku and Amazon teams would share notes - odd how both different platforms control the Tablo differently with each platform having pluses and minuses.

The Roku devices are designed for streaming applications - my personal feelings are it is substandard for “live TV” applications. My FireTV devices perform quite a bit better with both Tablo & SiliconDust applications. Unfortunately, my wife prefers the remote and home screen of the Roku, so I have both devices on the TVs that I watch, and her TVs have only the Roku.

I have streaming devices that use Android, IOS, FireTV, Roku, XBox & PC’s. All work well with both Tablo & SiliconDust except the Roku units. There is a large increase in buffering, there are audio issues (Roku won’t process the audio properly for SiliconDust products) and their battery life is really poor.

I used to be a huge fanboy of Roku - not so much any longer…

I find I like both the Firestick 4k and the Roku Ultra. I get bored with one or the other and am as likely to switch between one or the other on a whim. I find for the Tablo - Roku version connects faster initially, but switches channels slower. If not for the 10.5 crashes I’d probably use it just because overall I find the Roku Ultra interface faster than the Firestick 4k. I do have the new Firestick 4k on order and it has 50% more memory than the old model and a faster processor so hopefully it speeds up some of the interface lag. I’m also ditching my Vizio TV and going with a Hisense U8G ( delivery tomorrow if all goes well) so may just be mute and I switch to using it to control my Tablo. Knowing me I’ll just use all 3 anyway :wink:

Off topic, I think you’ll really like your U8G. I snagged a H8G when our TCL Roku TV suddenly stopped powering on and I’ve been quite happy with the picture. We prefer the UI of the Chomecast with Google TV so use it instead of the built-in Android TV on the H8G.