Tablo App for Windows 10 No Sound

The App for the Windows 10 PC no longer has sound with Live TV or recorded programs. I have checked the browser based page and the sound is working. I also checked the sound settings on my computer and do not have anything deactivated. I did uninstall the App and then installed the App again but this did not fix the issue. Any ideas on what I can look at to get this corrected? Thanks in advance!

If you have the surround sound on (and your device isn’t able to play in surround) it won’t play any sound. Also even if you turn that feature off , it still won’t play in sound.

Thanks for the reply, I do have the surround sound feature on. I am watching from the same monitor and same computer via the web based page and also the app on the PC. I do get sound from the web based page just not from the App. I was thinking it was an issue with the latest update and app.

How are you getting sound on your PC at all? Surround sound is not supported in Chrome either.

I have always had sound (maybe not a surround sound quality). Just recently (last month or so) it stopped working. I am hooked to the video card to the monitor via a hdmi cord. I have a dual screen set up and receive sound from either monitor via the browser based page just not through the app.

I just got home, checked my laptop (Windows 10) and the Windows Tablo app is doing the same as you described.

I uninstalled/reinstalled the Windows 10 Tablo app and now it working properly.

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I tried that as well a couple of times with no luck. Did you do anything special when uninstalling it? Special uninstallers ect?

No, I just uninstalled, than logged out/off (of laptop). Unplugged the power , removed battery. Let it set for a few minutes. Put battery back in, turned laptop on and then reinstalled Tablo App

I get no sound from Tablo on Chrome with Win 10, nor from the Win 10 tablo app. Frustrating.

Is that with surround sound turned on or off? Chrome and Win 10 app do not support the surround sound codecs needed for this to work.

I don’t know. Where is that controlled?

In the settings section in the General category. You will see a checkbox for “Surround Sound”.

For some people the Edge browser supports surround sound decoding (instead of chrome) on Win10

I don’t have any checkbox for surround sound in the settings. My Tablo is one of the very first they sold. Perhaps it doesn’t have that feature.

It’s a firmware feature that is on all the Tablos. Do you have the current firmware (2.2.22) on it?

Yes I have “Tablo device version 2.2.22”

Are you using the web app to look at settings? The surround sound check box is right below the Live TV Quality setting and right above the LED setting.

Note, the Win10 app does not have this setting yet.

I was trying the Win10 App. I did find, and turn off, the surround sound using the web app in Chrome, thanks.

Still no sound from either the Win 10 app or TabloTv in Chrome.

I was wondering if it was a more general problem with my browser or computer but I get sound from YouTube so the issue seems specific to Tablo