Tablo app failing on all devices

Fire TV and Android:

Library: No Recordings Available
Home: Unknown Error
Live: Unable to load Live TV
Shows: Failed to load
Movies: Failed to load
Sports: Failed to load
Settings: Failed to load Settings

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Are you having any luck now that the servers are up and running?

So you are saying nothing worked if the device couldn’t phone home - nice.

Tablo app keeps crashing on two Firesticks and Android while trying to watch live tv… Will play for 2 to 30 seconds then crash.


Seems to be a widespread issue.

This happened two weeks ago as well. After I rebooted everything to include the router with no success, called tech support and was told it was a guide issue. Only had Tablo for a month and this is the second major issue.

Me too! Have reset everything, delete and add app, still crashes after a few seconds.
Working on ROKU but not Android??? Do they have different servers?

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Starting to experience the same thing on my setup. Tablo FireTV stick app keeps crashing on live tv. Restarted the FireTV stick and reloaded the Tablo app. Still crashes every minute or two.

Exactly the same today for the first time since newly setup two months ago. Seems it’s a Full Network outage. Too many peeps saying they are experiencing this at the same time.

Overall. I’m not impressed with Tablo.

At this moment, only one of my two identical Firesticks is now working. The other just starts streaming for a few seconds then crashes. Did the reboot. Nada. Android appears to be working.

Scratch part of that last post. I thought one of the Firesticks is working, but changed the channel and the app crashed. Same with Android. Changed the channel and the app crashed.

Yep, not impressed at all.

@TabloSupport :

I just started having the same problem over the last few days with my fireTV and I restarted my 4 tuner 4th gen Tablo, rebooted my fireTV, cleared my cache and data on the fireTV. My recordings seem to be working most of the time so I’ve been watching through recordings in my library but my live TV seems to crash Tablo within about 30 seconds to a minute, regardless if I am watching live or just scrolling through Chanel guide. I found Tablo was much more stable prior to the firmware update that happened a few weeks ago. Checked 3 other fireTV’s and all doing the same thing. My iPhone seems to be working fine on liveTV so it’s just my fireTV that’s having this issue. Anyone else experiencing this issue on fireTV?

All other streaming services and internet working fine.

Heard someone on my roof and went outside and found this culprit (probably taking in the view and leaving some treasure behind). Is this tablos response? lol


Thanks will try the Roku later on.

Same thing happening with mine as well. I noticed it on Friday. Works fine for a few minutes then reboots.

I have a generation4 with Amazon fire stick.

The wife is starting to get frustrated and considering she watches a lot of shows on the major networks it looks like I might be paying for another subscription service.

It’s bad enough I have marginal signals but with the added problem this is causing I’m pretty much done now.

Same issue here. Tablo App on 3 FireSticks and on Pixel 6 Pro will crash while watching Live TV within a minute. Reset Tablo, put on ethernet, reset power. This is my second week with Tablo. The first week it worked fine. This just started in the past day or so. Will be returning soon if I can’t get a resolution. The clock is ticking.

Sounds like they didn’t get yesterday’s server issue completely fixed.

Mine’s not crashing, but the audio and video is freezing about every 1-2 seconds for live tv on every channel…

Edit: Well, both Tablos were rebooted and I did a FireTV force cache clear and it worked wonders – for the pausing video. Until it crashed about 5 min in and restarted the app. Now I know why I only use mine as a DVR!

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I do not want to jinx mine but this morning it worked fine for news on OTA and Scripps on FAST. However, this is really unacceptable for a company that has been in the marketplace for some time. I am going to try the HDHomerun latest product for 1.0 since all I really wanted was OTA with DVR capability, into my home network and Android/ROKU TV’s. Maybe Tablo will get their act together before hell freezes pver…

I get your frustrations. With two Tablos (and a 3rd I bought my mom) I feel like there’s always a problem – when in reality it’s just a rotation and they work for a long time without a blip.

When ppl were experiencing their issues last night, I didn’t have any then but everything was ssslllllooooowwwwwwww. I understand that people have different needs and that the Tablo doesn’t work right for everyone. I use mine as a DVR 99% of the time (but for testing) and it hums along without my noticing any problems.

I was on the 2.2.49 fw beta and IDK how many of my recording problems are held over from that! Or the 2.2.50 beta – who knows. I’d hoped that the public fw update would have been different enough to be installed, maybe clearing up my issues. I think I’ll wait until the next public fw before I try anything this time… ;-).

I believe someone wrote a very good post about their HD HomeRun vs Tablo experience, and if you haven’t seen it, I would definitely check it out. I just hate for people to spend more money to discover your current problems are gone, but that you have new ones!

The hd homerun doesn’t work with my setup (antenna in one room, internet in another), so I keep hoping for more app/fw improvements! Good luck, though. All that matters is that we find something we’re comfortable with and it works the way we want it to.

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You are the lucky one. I tried just now and it rebooted after 10-15seconds three times before I gave up.

Unfortunately, it is rebooting too fast to get the opportunity to set dvr recordings.

Did you reboot after the servers were back online yesterday?

I didn’t until this morning since it was a heavy recording day and I couldn’t find 5 min until way later!

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