Tablo Android app 1.1.5 can't connect, Android app useless

Dec 21, 10pm: Following 1.1.5 update, Android App appears to be broken.

Stuck in connecting state after bringing up Recordings display, thumbnail program logos missing in grid.

Eventually, “A connection to your Tablo could not be established”.

Application: 1.0.31 still OK, on one of my devices that hasn’t updated to 1.1.5 .

Best turn off Tablo auto update in Play Store till 1.1.5 is fixed. In future, I will probably use one device to test Tablo updates before installing elsewhere.

Diagnostic steps tonight –
Rebooted Nexus 7 tablet, didn’t fix.
Rebooted Tablo didn’t fix.
MotoX OK 10:35pm, still on old app.
Windows 10 OK. Connects, syncs, plays locally, plays via Chromecast Ultra.
Rebooted cable modem, router, Tablo, Nexus 7 tablet. Didn’t fix.

Reporting to Forum, opening Help ticket.

Last outage (Chromecast firmware incompatibility) lasted Oct 20 to Nov 10, almost 3 weeks. Way too long. Last time only Tablo Chromecast broken, could still play locally, cast whole screen.

This time, Android totally broken, can’t connect, so can’t even play locally. Would have to cast from Windows, walk to computer to skip commercials (unacceptable).

Not happy.

Fix ETA?

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Not sure. For me, this new version fixed some glaring issues. So, this version is much better for me (Android 6 on HTC One m8). Not a problem for me. I imagine you’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling already(?). Maybe somebody else with a Nexus can comment.

Things fixed:

Playing Live TV at reduced bandwidth (I can now watch Live TV anywhere again).

That “Tablo closed unexpectedly” message.

Based on some of the reports, I am holding off. I have two Nexus players, but also a house full of family for Christmas, and do NOT want to put the TV out of commission…especially to test a release. You’d think @TabloSupport would have done more of that before releasing!!!

I have not uninstalled, reinstalled yet. Got too tired last night, but had it on my list for this morning. Will past result when done. Thanks.

I really was tired last night. Reported Tablo App as version 1.5 0, should have been 1.1.5 .

I had the same connection issue right after the app update. But once I power cycled Tablo (reset key did not work at that time), it connects again without any problem. I also notice that the sorting of the recorded programs is a little different on the new app.

Mentioned in the announcement tread (the lack of any sorting of any kind).

After correcting app version to 1.1.5 in my post, found similar reports in the following:

NEW - FireTV/Android Devices & Web Update (v. 1.1.7)
NEW - FireTV/Android Devices & Web Update (v. 1.1.7)
Tablo phone app

1.1.7 is being pushed which should “sort out” the sorting problem :slight_smile:

But will this fix the connect problem?

Cc @TabloSupport

I also cant connect now with Android. Can we go back to the old version?

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I had checked on Chrome and at first it wouldn’t connect like android. It asked me if I wanted to wait. So I said yes. After a bit of waiting it finally connected.

@robertedisonmartin There shouldn’t be any connectivity issues following the update. If clearing your cache and/or deleting your Tablo from the app doesn’t solve your issue, touch base with our support team. Also feel free to leave feedback in the release thread.

Current status:

MotoX, 1.0.31 app, OK.
Windows PC OK.
CM’s Nexus7, 1.1.5 app, can’t get past “No Tablo was found on your network”.
CM’s Nexus7, 1.1.5 app, can’t get past “No Tablo was found on your network”.

What I have done so far:

Power cycled Nexus 7 tablets many times.
Rebooted Tablo.
Power cycled Tablo
Rebooted or power cycled cable modem, router, many times.
Uninstall, reinstall app on one Nexus7.
X to remove sync on other Nexus7

Will try 1.1.7 app shortly.

Switched to following thread:
NEW - FireTV/Android Devices & Web Update (v. 1.1.7)