Tablo Amazon Fire TV/Android TV App (4th Gen) Update (v. 1.0.7)

Hi folks -

An update is available now on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV for the newest Tablo app for 4th generation Tablo devices.

This update has a new settings toggle for those who were having difficulty getting Surround Sound passthrough, so make sure to update to the latest if your device doesn’t have automatic updates enabled.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tablo Amazon Fire TV/Android TV App (4th Gen) Update (v. 1.0.7)

  • Adds new Surround Sound passthrough toggle to settings
  • Bug fixes & performance improvements

About This Release
The new Surround Sound Passthrough toggle in the SETTINGS screen of your Tablo app is a device-level setting. This was added to assist customers whose Android TV or Amazon Fire TV devices were not delivering Surround Sound when available even when connected to a setup capable of supporting 5.1 audio. Enabling this setting should bypass this issue and ensure the correct sound profile is delivered.

As always, if you have any questions or encounter any problems, please post them below or touch base directly with support

Apple TV app when??


It would not be so bad if they would update the Tablo app for the old Tablo to run using tvOS. The new tvOS broke the classic Tablo and I guess they figured screw the apple users because if they cared they would have already fixed the problem. The new company must not care about the old user and the old black Tablo’s because actions speaks louder than words. It wouldn’t be over a month fixing the app if they cared.

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The surround sound setting works fine on my Fire TV cube (3rd gen) in both Auto/Enabled modes connected to my Samsung HDTV/Sony 7.1 amplifier.

However, on the Google TV app, this setting only worked in Enable mode and not Auto mode connected to the Samsung HDTV/Sony 7.1 amplifier combination. And, on the Google TV app with this setting Enabled, there is a slight audio delay to provide the surround sound audio feed that doesn’t happen on the Fire TV app.

Also, on both Fire TV and Google TV apps, whenever I select the Live listing feature to ‘filter by type’ to my Favorite Channels (I have 4 channels), the rendered guide listing doesn’t show guide information on the bottom two listings the first time I try, and when I toggle it again a second time, only the last channel doesn’t show any guide information. Update: Adding the Roku app to this issue since the Roku doesn’t show any guide information when selecting the filter to my Favorite Channels.