Tablo Adds 20+ New FAST Channels from AMC & More

Hi folks -

If you run a fresh channel scan on your 4th generation Tablo you’ll notice some awesome new free ad-supported streaming channels from AMC and other content partners that you can watch and record!

For details, head over to the Tablo blog:


Did a scan this morning and chan count went from 124 to 140. Scanned again 2 hrs later and got 142.

Someone should announce when new chans are added. Publish a list of chans if everybody, everywhere get the same FAST chans.

MSG, at least 3 versions of AMC, living dead, etc…

Do a scan

You’re on the ball. I ran a scan because chans in this area are in flux as contracts expire.

First, thank you for the additional content.

Second, THANK YOU for keeping my channel lineup of un-checkmated channels in tact after the channel rescan! Whenever I do a channel rescan on my modern HDTV, it totally resets the channel listing so I have to redo the channel listing to delete all the channels I don’t want to see.

Nice, I am up to 129 channels now. Not bad and all free in a way.

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To be honest, requiring a channel scan to add new FAST channels seems wrong. TV reception can vary at times, and forcing a rescan could possibly cause regular TV channels to be lost. There should be an option like “update streaming services” or similar that would not affect broadcast channels.


You are not required to save the new scan. If OTA reception for certain channels is that bad and unpredictable maybe they shouldn’t have been saved in the first place.

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We’re working on tweaks so that won’t be required in the future.


I’m sure this change will occur after the fix where certain FAST channels stop breaking recordings into segments.

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This is nice to see. I’d love it if they’d add Fifa+ one day; the one thing these FAST channels are missing in my opinion is sports content… nice to see some stuff starting to bubble up though. Keep up the good work!

That’s why I never do a rescan without first checking local channel reception quality. I go through Tablo’s live TV and check to see if all the main channels are coming in without any problems. I might also do the same on one of my TVs with signal meters. And I usually do it at night when I know the weather is good for reception.

There are a number of flaky channels in my neighborhood. One group of channels are there only 50% of the time on both Tablo units. It’s unfortunate that those stations at 68.xx are Scripps stations. They are full strength when they are there. A few of the stations are duplicated on other channels. I expect the duplicates to go away once the lease for the sub-channel expires.

It’s possible that something can be scheduled to record on a flaky station only to have it fail to record because it is not there or has low signal. It’s not worth my time to fool with it.

Mine will be here tomorrow and I’m so excited to be part of this cord cutter community. But in the meantime, can anyone tell me if season 8 of Fear The Walking Dead is a show featured?

The soonest any episode of Fear shows up is on Thursday, December 28. However, it does not show the episode title or number.

(The guide only says “With a decimated militia and scarce resources, the survivors are running out of options” for every episode through the 29th. AMC en espanol describes theirs as “Luego de ocurrir un apocalipsis zombi, los residentes de L.A. lidian con los cambios de sus vidas.” for all of their episodes. Not being a smart aleck, sometimes I watch other versions subtitled if it’s not available elsewhere.)

Most of these FAST channels run shows in a seemingly random order. There are some that may have a few hours of binging where it’s in order. The thing to note, though, is that you could be in season 4 of a show you’ve never seen and have to wait for S1E1 to come back around in a few weeks.


Why are these free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels only available on the 4th generation Tablo devices? Will this functionality be possible with legacy devices when the planned firmware upgrade rolls out?

Signed: Happy and Loyal Original 4-Tuner Tablo OTA DVR Owner.

I don’t think tablo’s business plan is to encourage customers to keep their 9 year old hardware. You want new capabilities cough up the $80-$140.

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I agree with you on this.

I can only assume that after nearly a decade of using one device, buying a new one could be off-putting. The possibility of losing everything you’ve recorded along with learning a new system… these alone could make it hard to want to upgrade – excuse me, replace – your DVR system.

But oh how slow would the old machine be if they incorporated every new little thing into their Legacy devices… ouch.

One issue could be the processor. Anyone know what the legacy and V4 use? Something 9 years old can’t be much better than a Roku 2 or maybe early 3.

There are 3 generations of legacy and they started out using pixelworks.

Could the V4 use the amlogic s905x4

I agree. I’m glad they add new channels, while remembering the previously unchecked ones. Nice feature.

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