Tablo Adds 20+ New FAST Channels from AMC & More

I looked at the FCC certification materials and the Gen4 does use the Amlogic S905X4.

Did you notice what appears to be 2 sony d6802gl tuners? fn-link, etc,etc.

I didn’t particularly notice the tuners, but did see the FN-Link chip.

Just looked again and saw the tuners.
In case anyone is interested here’s a link to the FCC documents for Gen4 2-tuner. Gen4 4-tuner internal pics won’t be available for a while yet.


Or rayson and foresee memory.

if i run a scan will it reset all my add/del selections?


Hopefully we get a lot more soon. I get it’s probably harder to get partnerships due to the whole “people can DVR the channels” bit but it’s wild that like every other FAST service seems to have like 200+ channels and nearly all of them are on like every single FAST service at the same time… and then Tablo has like 68 (and of those 68, 9 are merely cause the common ownership with Scripps).

So many notable missing channels nearly every service has like the various streaming news networks (NBC News Now, ABC News Live, CBS News, etc.), weather (AccuWeather, FOX Weather, WeatherNation), any form of game shows (Game Show Central, Buzzr, etc.), all the channels by A&E (Modern Marvels, Deal Zone, Crime 360, etc.), any car channels (Motortrend, PowerNation, MAVtv, etc.), any Kids channels, and so on.

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A good FAST is universal monsters but doubtful Tablo could get rights to it.