Tablo 4th Gen Wishlist

Tablo 4th Gen

  1. Recording Options.
    I wish I could have static recording options so that I wouldn’t need to manually set them.
    IE: All recordings, Keep the last X recordings

  2. A Clock on the Main screen

  3. Being able to access the HOT Channel bar without opening a channel first.

  4. Enhanced video and channel information. Showing channel information such as HD/SD.


When a recording playback stops due to a momentary signal drop, give an option to skip ahead to the next good signal instead of aborting the playback.


Please do not do this. It makes way more sense to keep the current method of “keep all” and then modify shows individually (which takes very little time to set up). The danger is that one person in the family changes a global setting, and then someone else in the family (or even the original member if he/she forgets) gets frustrated when their older episodes of recorded shows suddenly disappear, and they can’t watch the whole season.

Auto-delete also helps out with this issue if you are concerned about space. I would imagine that the vast majority of Tablo users want to keep whole seasons of shows, while there would be only a few shows that need limits (like news or game shows).


I mainly wished it would remember my settings.


To improve legibility of the gen 4 Guide in the Roku and IOS apps, enlarge the font or boldface the time labels at the top of the columns, as well as the channel numbers.
Use same font as the program names, much easier to read than the current font for time and channels.


While watching a live program be able to swipe down and have a record button. That way you don’t have to exit out of the channel, select the program in the guide and then select record.

I find many of these suggestions confusing.

The TabloTV app is very different depending on what system you’re using to watch your recordings. Some of these features already exist depending on which app you’re using…


Or just do this without giving an option. Every other video streaming application just fast-forwards, perhaps with an on-screen banner saying so (like Zoom VC calls do). I don’t understand why Tablo insists on user input for this issue.

  1. Turn off the noise on the splash screen. Since Tablo crashes a lot, I hear this way too frequently.
  2. Option to start choose which tab to start in. I’d rather the app open to the Live guide or Library tab. The Home tab is useless. Particularly on CCGTV devices, there’s already a home screen provided by Google TV where Tablo can display upcoming programming.
  3. Ability to view the guide while still watching programming. (Either picture-in-picture or a navigation bar, similar to cable set-top boxes.)
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I think Tablo wants the app to open on the home screen to advertise the Ion channels.

Of course, but Tablo now promotes Ion and other FAST channels in the live guide.

  1. Ability to turn on the built-in amplifier oer-channel instead of globally for all channels.

I assume there is only one global amp, probably before any internal splitter. There would be no way to turn it on or off per individually tuned channel.

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Actually, the concept is possible, but you’d never be able to afford the device.

Bring the API back so people can write code that will work with the Tablo like the previous product did.