Tablo 4th Gen & Tablo Ripper

Will Tablo Ripper be able to extract recording from the Tablo 4th gen unit?

Tablo says no.

I wonder if you have a legacy Tablo and update the firmware to use the new app, since you can still use current apps including from a PC, you’ll be able to access recordings recorded using either app. The API used by the browser should still work. For wife-acceptance-factor I still need to be able to download recordings that have problems so I can fix them and upload to my NAS so she can watch them. I’ll be sticking to my TV connected Tablo for the foreseeable future.

Have a feeling they’ll disable this if you update to satisfy the same restrictions posed because of the streaming channels.

It’s on their roadmap -

I think we need to real careful when applying old Nuvyyo statements to the new Nuvyyo.

I’d wipe it all out and start over so as to not confuse things. Just me.

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Yup, I was kind of surprised it was still active. A couple of years ago I tried to explain via support one of the links was for an otherwise defunct app… they just use a canned response regardless how you explain it.

As far as old/new - archiving TABLO Community post from the early years. Back when you could, with tablo’s assistance, dig into your device. Much of it was still relevant even a few years ago, now it’s becoming ancient history - ready for the archives.

Tablo is coming around on 10yrs, like it or not, I suppose it is time for an overhaul. Before long, tablo as we knew it… well it’s already a legacy product. [HDMI are all “out of stock”, network are limited to 2 models or refurbished.]

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It was a good run :slight_smile: I’ve already pulled my Android downloader out of the Google store for any new users. The new Tablo direction is clear (and my country is left out) and the fragmentation will be too confusing in no time. I think the new offering is compelling if it works smoothly - but yup, it’s a different creature.

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Well that’s a shame. Whenever I travel, I use your downloader to take an assortment of my recorded shows with me. Makes me wonder if it’s worth it updating my FW when the time comes.

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Hi – it should def remain available and working for current users; just no longer available for new folks to download :+1: