4th Gen Tablo Problems from the Get Go

Are you using an external amplifier for both HD and gen 4, no amplifier, gen 4 internal amplifier and hopefully not both for the gen 4

No, not both amps, but did try that and didn’t help. I’m using an external amp that came with my antenna, a Televes DATBOSS LR Mix Hi-VHF UHF Long Range Antenna.

My HDHR, TV’s w/tuners around the house, and cheapo HomeWorx DVR all perform significantly better on tuner sensitivity.

Looks like it isn’t possible to connect to this new gen to pull DVR recordings?

The following is pure speculation, so take it as such.

IMHO, as ATSC 3.0 is looming with all of its drm and restrictions, it’s possible that we have to end not only remote streaming, but also the ability to pull recordings in order for a device to get qualified drm wise.

Just guessing. It’s possible that what I said is “true”, and the current device can do the above since it may not be ATSC 3.0 ready (?), but it doesn’t today strictly due to “humanity”.


Possible. TabloTV, any comment on whether this new device has restrictions previous models don’t?

Because of licensing for the streaming channels, it’s not possible to pull recordings off the device using 3rd party ‘ripper’ programs.

…not possible to pull any recordings off, or just streaming recordings?

Right now, none. Won’t allow you to connect to it at all.

Truly disappointed with this 4th generation launch.
This is not ready for prime time.
Where is is the 4 tuner box?
Seems headed the same direction Tivo did a few years back

The hardware is probably Okay - even though the power cord looks super cheap.

but it’s the app that sucks.

Do users with any experience need a home page like that. If so fine but have a settings to startup in another menu instead of being bombarded with useless information.

And if you live close to the mexican border you might have a few meican stations that will clutter up your home page. You may only be interested in the movies and sports on those stations.

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What makes you say it’s headed the same direction as TiVo? Do you have long term experience with Tablo?


Just got the 4th Gen Tablo and here a a few issues and questions. I’m running the new Tablo TV app on a Roku.

Quick channel view/change with down arrow -gone??

Do the FAST (internet) channels require a tuner? In other words, can I record three or four different FAST channels at the same time?

When exiting from a live channel back to the guide, the guide goes back to the top, not to the the channel you were just viewing

In the settings on the Roku app there is not a choice to turn the antenna amplifier on or off (there IS in the iOS app)

After selecting “Favorites” as the active guide, when exiting from a live channel (selected from the favorites) back to the guide, the guide reverts back to “All” channels ( not “Favorites “)

When selecting ‘Favorites’ as the guide most of the guide data does not reappear (load) leaving the guide data blank

Almost all your questions can be answered “Not yet, but hopefully after a few more releases of the Roku app”

FAST channels do require a tuner. I tried doing four at once, and you will see an orange bar (good) under the first two and a red bar (conflict) under the second two.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, the Roku app seems a little half baked / 1.0ish. Too bad about the FAST channels needed a tuner. Need a 4 tuner version


Okay how about these questions.

Some one decded to create a tab called library. And thus even though tablo is a DVR product it takes 2 extra clicks to access the all recordings tab. Of course tablo is not a library system you can’t add videos from your phone. I don’t think tablo is trying to move into the plex space.

And there is a tab called latest that contains nothing.

Or some super small font scribble at the bottom of the left menu. So small that even on my 60 inch sony I had to go to within 8 feet to read it. And low and behold it’s some giberish about storage and a percent available. This is like going back to 2014. The percentage available concept was abandoned many years ago as useless.

Of course it might be nice if the roku app would remember what menu it last exited from so the next time you started the app you could avoid all the garbage on the home page and get to what you want to do.

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Hopefully the programmers will address all those issues soon, though “library” likely will stay.

You can fix bad and buggy implementation. It could take 1 1/2 years

Crappy design is a whole other issue. Usually heads have to roll and a lot better and sane design review process has to be put in place.

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FAST channels do not require a tuner. I can record 2 ota chans that do need the tuner and a max of 2 FAST at the same time. FAST comes over the internet which should not have a limitation. Two seems to be the limit.

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Interesting. Good to know. I just saw a limit of two and didn’t try to add regular channels to it.

I fully expected to be able to record more than 2 FAST shows at a time since it is over the internet. My next test will be to determin how many FAST channels can be played at a time. I can do the test with 9 Roku devices. My tests on playing different recorded shows on 9 devices was flawless as was my legacy quad with 10 playbacks.

I still need to find out why the Android devices are jumpy before I use them for any of this type of testing.

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