Tablo (4th Gen Only) Firmware Release 2.2.47

Hey Tablo Family!

A new Tablo firmware update is on the way for 4th generation Tablo devices.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tablo Firmware 2.2.47

  • Hotfix to correct potential initial Wi-Fi setup issues

NOTE: The white LED will blink until the Tablo has checked in to our servers.

If you have trouble connecting to your Tablo after the update, wait 10 minutes, then reboot the Tablo and try again.

For other tips and tricks on successful firmware updates, head over to the Support Portal.

If you have any feedback or questions about this release, please post them below.

If you need support assistance, place a ticket and we’ll be in touch soon.

Update went through, but nothing changed with my Roku app. Picture is still squashed into the upper left quadrant. If I restart the Roku and immediately go to the Tablo app, the picture is normal, but the minute I get off it, it’s back to the picture squash. So anytime I want to watch something on Tablo, I have to restart the Roku and go right to it. What a nuisance.,

My Roku Ultra 4670 on firmware 12.5.0 build 4175-46 would kick me out of Tablo to the main Roku menu after about 3 min of live TV viewing. The Tablo app received this latest update (2.2.47) and it appears to have solved the issue. I watched live TV for over 30min without being kicked out to the Roku homescreen. Thank you for fixing the live TV viewing!

No, it still goes back to Roku Ultra. The Roku Tablo app is messed up.

Well what was fixed 27 days ago is now broken again. My two Roku Ultra 4670RW on firmware 12.5.0 build 4175-46 updated to build 4178-46 and now I’m back to having the Tablo app kick out after 8 to 9 minutes of Live TV viewing. The Tablo firmware remains the same at 2.2.47. So I got about a month worth of Live TV viewing when I first purchased the Tablo and then was down for about a month, then it was fixed a little less than a month ago and now it’s back down again. I don’t know if I should be mad with Roku or Tablo. I just want it fixed permanently.