Tablo 4th Gen Guide Issue

This just started over the past 2 or 3 days. I have 2 Tablo 4th gen and they both have the same problem. They are connected to different antennas. I have the FireTV 4k max second gen stick.

I am in the NYC metro area and PBS 13.1 is coming in with 4 green dots but all of a sudden over the past few days it is missing guide data and even after repeated channel scans and guide updates it does not show up with guide data so I can not view it or record shows.

I have seen this happen from time to time with other stations where a station with 4 green dots (so it is a very strong signal) simply disappears from the guide display so I can’t view it or record.

I have tried 3 different zip codes (07801, 07869, 07960) with the same results so it is NOT zip code related. Green signal strength but no guide data.

My guess this is a guide provider issue. A very bad situation.

What do you see when you plug the antenna directly into a television and do a scan?

Not sure what you mean. The antennas for both Tablos have not been touched so I am not plugging antennas in. I see all of my channels showing up and 13.1 and all of its subs is coming in with 4 green dots. However there isn’t any guide data for this major station in my area.

One of the feeds to the tablo is split to a TV and the TV is receiving 13.1 PBS just fine. It is NOT a reception issue!

I was asking if you had the same guide data missing if you plugged the antenna directly into the TV.

Sounds like this is the case.

@Lenlabnj Are you still not receiving guide data today for this channel?

Just to clarify with @TabloTV in the thread… The Guide data comes from the OTA signal or does it come across the net from a 3rd party guide vendor per your zipcode?

If it’s coming across the net, OTA signal wouldn’t factor into it.

It comes across the internet. We don’t use the embedded data (called PSIP) because it tends to be very spotty and unreliable.

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My TV on the second floor that has a feed from the same antenna as one of the TBLOS is an old Sharp LCD that does not display guide data. It is NOT a smart TV.

I was out shopping and now that I am back what I did was update the channels to include all of the sub channels for 13.1 PBS. For example 13.2 etc. Then I save it and updated the guide and guess what. There is now a display of the channel in the guide and guide info.

So I have no explanation as to what was going on. Did I need to include the subs? Or was there something else going on?

Almost without exception when I do a channel scan the only stations I keep have 4 green dots. I have had this issue crop up from time to time but this is the first time it has happened for this PBS station.

I’ve had Tablo 4 for over 6 months. One of my ota channels WITN 7.7 is Oxygen has never had guide data. Tablo tapped in to my Tablo to check data. They come back and said it’s the local tv stations fault. All the other providers show channel data for this channel. Just not Tablo. Also several channels still have no logo.

See my detail update. It seems to have fixed itself.

We did see that there was data on our end when we checked this morning, but we can’t see if the data was missing on previous days. It’s unclear if perhaps the station was negligent in sending data to our provider for a few days or if something else happened.

Glad it’s back though!

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Thanks for checking. Still not understanding though why the channel would not show up at least with guide data missing?

I should at least be able to tune it in and as a last resort set up a manual timer. Also if I had a recurring show scheduled to be recorded would that have failed?

I’ll have to revisit what I had scheduled to record and see what happened.

Yes. You can select the channel ID from the far left of the grid to play any channel regardless of the guide data status.

If there is no data, a recurring recording would fail.

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I guess you missed the part where I said that the channel ID DOES NOT show up on the grid at the left even though a channel scan shows it being present with 4 green dots.

That was one of my points of confusion as to why that happens instead of just showing guide data missing.

There is something else that is not working right with the Tablo 4th gen.

For now it is fixed but this is what has happened to other channels from time to time where they show up in a channel scan (4 green dots) and then when I go to live there is nothing for that channel. Not just guide is missing but the channel does not show.

There are some issues with the way the TabloTV app handles multiple Tablos. It might be possible that you did not have both of them set up the same.

If both do not have the same channel lineup saved, you may run into an occasional issue with the way things are displayed. I used to keep sub-channels on one only, but switching caused the other guide to show up screwy. Now, I’ve learned that if I delete one, I delete it on BOTH pucks.

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Ah, sorry I misunderstood what you meant by:

I thought that the data itself was just missing.

This is an interesting wrinkle as well. Punting this over to the engineering team.

They may want some logs so stay tuned.


Another update.

Last night I tried to watch 69.1 WFMZ and it did not show up on the guide. So I checked the channel scan and it was there with 4 green dots. So I rescaned and also did a guide update and still does not show up even though 4 green dots.

This is the one station that has been appearing and disappearing from time to time for no reason that I can see in the guide. It is not just missing guide data. It simply is not there to tune to.

It is on my Tablo2 device.

I don’t think that is an issue as this problem with 13.1 just showed up in the past few days.

The station I was having a recurring issue with is 69.1. Tablo1 uses an antenna that does not even pick this station up in a scan so it is not there at all which is expected. Tablo2 uses an antenna that does pick this up with 4 green dots and this station will mysteriously disappear in the guide from time to time.

The more I think about this the more I think this is a software issue. If you (me) do a channel scan and you check off all of the stations that show up. Regardless if they have 4 green dots or red dots and you checked them off they should appear in the guide I would think. Maybe they will be missing guide data for one reason or another but if you checked them off and selected them they should be there.

TabloTV do you agree with this assumption?

We do.

What app are you seeing this on?

When you see it happen there, is the channel also missing on other devices with the Tablo app? (Phone, other streaming devices/smart TVs?) If so, which ones?

Additionally, when this issue happens (a channel that is in your lineup in settings but NOT in the live grid), what happens when you try to switch Tablos BUT choose the SAME Tablo you were just on, vs. your alternative Tablo?

Is this also the case with 13.1? That you’re able to pick it up on one Tablo but not the other?

And when you’re seeing either of those channels NOT in the live grid, that you are using the Tablo where they ARE in the channel lineup in SETTINGS?