Tablo 4th audio playback off

New to Tablo, 4th gen just bought. Some recordings have audio not in sync during playback. It’s about 5 seconds ahead of video playing from recordings. The next show on same channel recording next hour was fine. HD or SD does it either or. Other recordings fine. Using internal storage only. And it’s on google tv and iOS playback. Tablo and google tv are hardwired. Both channels that were recorded have great signal from antenna. Anyone else had the issue?

I have the same problem with 4th gen. I had to buy a new Roku since it would not work with any of my devices other than my iPhone 13. I have only had this for a few days. My recording of Monday night football was out of sync. I could watch it on the Roku with sound breaking up and ahead of the video. I tried watching it on my phone and there was NO sound at all. When I was caught up with the game with only a few minutes left I turned the recording off and switched to live via Tablo on Roku and it worked perfect. The sound was also on my iPhone. There is an issue of recording. The recordings of games on CBS, Fox, and NBC were great. The signal seems fine. The news and Good Morning America has had the same out of sync issues. A neighbor with a “Legacy Tablo” is not having any problems like this.

I also just experienced the 2nd show in a row (NBC OTA prime time) had the audio-video out of sync (audio ahead by 7-10 seconds, playback on Roku). I have had 2 in a row previously with no problem. I blamed myself speculating I may have fast-forwarded into the 2nd show too quickly to skip some commercials. Is there any way to workaround this (maybe rewind to the beginning and restart)? If this happens again I will keep the video and try to find a workaround.

Recording with audio sync issues-they had shows record immediately after same channel-next episode- so it records parts of both shows. The end of audio issues shows with 2 minutes left at the beginning of next episode played just fine!! No other recordings during same timeframe

same issue live NFL broadcast. Audio and video out of sync by 10 seconds. had this on other prime time shows different channels. is this a Known bug or is there a work around. running 4 th generation with Latest Roku ap

I noticed a slight audio out-of-sync watching a recorded show the other night too …about 2 - 3 seconds delay …Tablo4G

Me too
I read that if you rewind and fas5 forward it will correct and it seems to but i am hoping for some permanent fix as it recurs and is frequent

I just got a new Tablo 4th Gen 4tuner unit about 10 days ago (ie, Dec 30 2023), and have had this issue happen twice now. One was a single recording, and the second time I was recording two shows at once, and one was fine, the other not. Same type of failure – audio ahead by 10 seconds or so. Occurs on Tablo app on Sony TV. Video will freeze completely after a few minutes. Skipping ahead displays thumbnails OK, but cannot start playing video – app flashes play/pause back and forth and just stops with no video playback advance – like it cannot find correct playback position. Very discouraging as I cannot depend on shows being recorded properly. Will see if Tablo support has anything to say.

It’s hard to tell where the issue is coming from. I’ve only had an issue where audio and video don’t line up on one of my devices, but it was the device and not the Tablo.

This could be a problem with the OTA channel, or the FAST channel… you’d have to record a couple of tests on these channels and try playback on a few different devices to figure out where the issue is stemming from.

Are you watching this on AndroidTV/GoogleTV/Roku/RokuTV/Firestick/FireTV? How old, etc?

App is on a 2020 Sony XBR Bravia AndroidTV. Did not try watching the failed videos on the ipad that I have or on my android phone. I have a 5TB Seagate portable hard drive connected to the Tablo (which I formatted with the Tablo app during the Tablo install). For the two failures, one was recording a ota NBC show and the other a CBS show. I’ve recorded about a dozen other shows fine, some were also from NBC and CBS. I’ve been watching OTA channels on the TV for 3 years now with no problems, and also recording them on an old Magnavox DVR that I had, so problem is not with the OTA channels or signals. The fact that you can see the thumbnails on the Tablo for the failed shows for the entire program seems to indicate the program was recorded OK, you just can’t get Tablo to play these back ok.

Okay… I’ve got to admit I’m a little confused here.

Are you calling the recordings failed, or is the Tablo marking them as failed?

There’s really no way to tell what the issue is other than by trying the same thing on a different device. Even though the TV is only 3 years old, there are a lot of factors in play. Tablo uses a different compression than other devices and therefor is hard to compare. Hard drive speeds, internet speeds (2.4ghz vs. 5ghz network), how much internal space is left on your TV… Is this happening on only 1080 or 720 and 480 as well? If this keeps happening on nearly every channel, there’s a likelier chance that the problem is the HD or TV, than the Tablo itself.

Keep testing and let us know what’s going on.

If it helps in any way, my ABC news tonight is unwatchable. For the first minute and a half the audio is way off. It also looks like their (main ABC) feed is slow and jerky. This is regardless of device. Testing the same channel afterwards as well as other HDs in live or recorded mode shows nothing wrong.

This is the only recording that’s done this, so I can’t say what is going on. There seems to be an issue with this recording overall, since it won’t play more than the first 1:42 and then buffers endlessly after that. I have no idea if it gets better later on, or when the local news kicks in a few minutes before the recording stops. If I learn more, I will certainly post it.

Hope your other recordings are going better!

Thanks for your willingness to help with this problem. Tablo did not issue any error messages – by “failed videos” I mean the 2 recordings that will fail to play back ok. I believe both programs (from Jimmy Fallon show and Stephen Colbert show) were broadcast in 1080 (Phoenix metro area). Unfortunately, I deleted these 2 recordings after they wouldn’t play back. If this happens again, I will try seeing if ipad or android phone will play the problem recording. I may consider swapping out the external Seagate 5T hard drive too. Thanks

I’ll try about anything twice. :wink:

As for the hard drives, just make sure you read all the FAQs and other support pages (if they’re up) and remember that:
A) Your new drive will be erased.
B) Your old hard drive will only be readable on a computer that supports NTFS format (Linux, etc.) so you may not be able to watch your recordings.
C) It’s all a gamble. Some drives work, some don’t.

Just keep posting and hopefully someone that’s been there can help.

I had recorded a show and it was off audio 10 seconds and a second show afterwards in series. The second show included 2 minutes of previous show and it played fine, so the OTA was fine. Happened about 5 shows and the rest is fine. Hasn’t happened last couple weeks either.

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Just purchased the 2 tuner Tablo and install with ethernet to the router. No external drive. Recorded NBC Nightly News and on playback, the audio was 5 secs out of sync with the video (audio ahead). Played recording with Roku Ultra - also connected by Ethernet to router - and to TV via HDMI. Same problem when viewing the recording on my iPhone. All software and firmware are showing up to date on all devices. Unless there is a solution for this problem, I will be returning the Tablo. The recordings are not watchable and recording OTA is the primary reason I purchased the Tablo.

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You’ve mentioned one recording having this issue. Is this a problem with just this show, just this station, or everything you record?

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I noticed this issue when I have low RF signal coming into the Tablo.

When the weather gets bad, my signal drops fairly low, and the video lags behind the audio.

** I’m limited to where to I can put this lovely flat antenna due to my wife. She says it’s an eyesore **

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I’ve only had this happen two or three times. I didn’t take into account any weather observations (nice job on your part!) but TBH I don’t understand why that would cause syncing issues.

It’s happened on internal and external, and oddly enough, ABC world news. I think the last time I read anything about this it was night/world news. It was just the couple of times, and only on my 2-tuner – 4-tuner hasn’t had that issue … so far?

At least she’s not saying you’re the eyesore… be happy with that!

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We’ve only tried to record one show, so I’ll have to test some others. As far as our antenna signal strength, we are only 5 miles from the broadcast towers and I have a medium size Winegard antenna in the attic. I split the signal and run to the Tablo and directly to my TV (we only have 1 TV). I measure the signal strength at the TV and it’s very strong. I didn’t see a signal strength meter in the Tablo software but maybe I missed it. But is should be better than the TV because the coax run from the splitter to the Tablo is only a couple of feet and it’s much longer to the TV.

Okay… so some further testing is needed. Good to know.

ITMT, there are some things you can check on while you wait for those future recordings.

As for a signal strength meter, it can only be seen after a channel scan. I’m going to use the android app to explain this, but if I remember, the sections are very similar. If you go into Settings (top right gear icon), Guide, Channel Lineup… you’ll see your recent scan of channels. It should be channel #, ID, DPI, Strength – four green dots are what you’re hoping to see next to each station.

I would recommend a Rescan while you’re in this menu to get a good grasp of how things are looking right now. Depending on your results, there are a few things we can modify after this scan.

Before we go into any of that, do you know if your antenna is powered or amplified? Do you have a signal booster added to increase your reception?

The Tablo itself has an amplifier, so this can cause some interference depending on your setup, as well as how close your stations are. Simply put, you can have things over-amplified and get interference. I just want to go step-by-step so that we don’t change too many things before we find out what’s going on.