Tablo 4.0 doesn't work (FireTv cube)

Here is a video of what is happening: iCloud

@TabloTV @TabloEngineering Yes, I get very similar playback results as shown in the video from @mkilo67 . In my case, if I press Try Again and IMMEDIATELY fast forward or reverse I can sometimes successfully get to a portion of the recorded show that will playback correctly.

If it helps, here is a summary of the architecture I am using: My Tablo 4th Gen is connected by Ethernet to an ASUS AX-6600 wifi6 mesh node. That wifi6 node then distributes the recorded or live data over my wifi6 mesh network with wifi speeds measured between 250 mbps and 400 mbps (download) and 200 mbps and 350 mbps (upload). The TV I use to playback is a 75" Samsung connected to the latest version FireTV Cube with all the most recent updates applied. Internet access is via Fiber at 1Gb symmetrical up/down service.

If you require any additional component information needed to replicate this Failure to Decode issue, please feel free to contact me.


Any results yet?

@Phoneman65 In another thread, @mkilo67 reported that after he installed this Tablo firmware update, his problem with FireTV Cube went away:

Tablo (4th Gen Only) Firmware Release 2.2.47

I have also installed that firmware update and (knock on wood) have not yet experienced playback failure issues. I plan to run a more extended series of trials this week. Feel free to follow us for additional info as we continue to use the system. Cheers.

I have the newest FireTV Cube and mine has been working fine no problems at all. What Cube are you using as the older ones with smooth plastic sides and not a material like feel might not have the same specs and features as the newest one with the fabric like feel to the sides.

Also I am sure you did, but have you removed the Tablo app then restarted the Cube then added the Tablo app back?

My FireTV Cube is also the newest gen device – only about 6 months in service. Just turned on the TV and confirmed in the FireTV Cube settings – 3rd Gen device running Firmware version and no updates available.

Thus far, the daily recording we make at the 110-11 am hour and playback in the evening has been rock solid since the Tablo firmware update was applied last week. My intent is to make no changes to the Tablo – no refreshes, no rescans, no schedule changes – for this entire week and see how the record/playback goes. Thus far, no segmented recordings, no pixelation, no “Failure to Decode” blue screens.