Table Displays Poor Signal Strength Error

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We have used Tablo of several years, but last year the unit started having problems with reception. When we watch some shows “live” we can see the channel fine but Tablo does not record the same show whne we are not watching it and displays an error “Poor Reception” or something like that. This happens on more than one channel now.
Because we can see it live we know the antenna is working and the show is displayed in good enough reception.

What can we do to trouble shoot this problem?

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DJ Furgason

Not necessarily an answer, but due to the mass repacking of channels over the past years, some channels may have moved or even have replicas at different spots now (we had an ok channel that at 8.1 that is now poor but now has a better version at 8.8, for example). Some may have altered their positions and/or power outputs as well. Also, anything “new”, in between you and the tower can cause reception issues. Also, placement and local interference where the Tablo’s antenna could vary depending on things very local to it.

Anyway, lots of variables to sort through. Do the “obvious” in checking your antenna, its position, line conditions, amplifiers, atenuators and/or splitters in the path, etc.

I have the same issue basically. Refer to this thread: Consistent signal not being received

I have not found a solution to this problem. I am running out of options to try at this point.

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Yes, When this happens I have switched to the live view to check the signal which is using the same antenna and connections and found the reception is not pixelated at all.