Sync issue with Apple TV

Has anyone else experienced audio / video sync issue under the new FW?

I’m not entirely sure it just started for me, maybe it was there in 2.2.6 but it seems to occur when I airplay from my iphone and only starts after a couple of ffw.

I bet this would also happen on my chrome browser after the same usage and it wouldn’t happen on my iPad, @TabloTV I can test it later if you like.

I’m curious if this is a known issue and is it currently being worked on?


I’m experiencing a sync issue as well with the 2.2.8 software update. I get the same issue whether I’m using airplay on my iphone or ipad. I will watch for say 25 minutes, and some other undetermined amount of time and the AppleTV will ask if I’m still watching. This did not happen to me on 2.2.6.
I think I have a 3rd generation AppleTV. The generation just before the new one if that matters.