Surround sound w/Roku

Just got my Quad network Tablo. Using it on a Roku Ultra. Having trouble recording shows with the surround on. It has trouble recording the first two minutes of a show, but then will be able to record the rest of it properly. Given the amount of money I’ve spent on audio equipment to enjoy a surround sound environment this could be a dealbreaker My question is if I record with the surround ‘off’, can I play it back with a Surround ‘on’ and intact? If there are any tips or suggestions, I would be very glad to receive them. Thanks

You might want to provide a bit more information on exactly what kind of trouble you are experiencing.

If you record with surround sound off, all you will get is stereo sound when you play the recording. Tablo only records one sound track, either stereo or surround sound, depending on what is set in your settings at the time of recording.

Thanks for the reply. I’m wondering if it’s a reception issue or something with the Roku? In other words if I were able to get a stronger signal would the problem persist?

Reception problems can definitely affect your recording quality. Is your recording being broken into multiple recordings? Are preview thumbnails being generated after the recording has finished recording? Are you seeing pixelation during playback? Or is your only problem with the audio of your recording?

I have been using a Roku Ultra since it was introduced and haven’t experienced any major problems with it. However, I don’t have surround sound activated since I also want to view videos on my tablet which doesn’t support surround sound.

Thanks for the reply

“Is your recording being broken into multiple recordings?”
Exactly. Tries to record first 2 minutes. Error message questioning surround sound on Roku. Then it records the remaining portion of the episode correctly

“Are preview thumbnails being generated after the recording has finished recording?”

“Are you seeing pixelation during playback? Or is your only problem with the audio of your recording?”
Pixelation definitely

If you have “Leveling” enabled on your Roku, it may be causing some of your problems. See this thread for more information:

Otherwise, it definitely sounds like your OTA signal strength may be the majority of your problems. If you’re having pixelation and no thumbnails generated, I would recommend improving your OTA reception. What type of antenna are you using? Is it located inside or outside? Does it have a signal preamplifier?

I’m using a Channel Master Flatenna indoors (I live in a condo so outdoors is not an option. I’ve ordered the Channel Master CM-7776 MicroAmp Indoor TV Antenna Amplifier RF Signal Booster in hopes that might improve the signal

The only other thing I would recommend is to try moving your antenna around your condo. You may find that moving or even just rotating the antenna slightly may make a difference.

Good luck!

Great. Thanks very much!

If you have a TV with some form of diagnostics in the menu, it can make it easier to find the right signal. Otherwise, there are some very cheap external tuner boxes that have signal meters. An amp isn’t always helpful, and can sometimes make things worse.