- Python program to query and convert Tablo recordings


Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’m not suggesting a wrapper on the Tablo API, but I already have a delegate that does useful stuff like ‘get recording list’ and ‘get recording url’. They’d return my custom objects, not Tablos.

Again, it’s just an offer. And of course not everybody runs Windows.


And thanks for the offer. I appreciate the work you’ve done.


Just fyi, updated version for new firmware is progressing… might be released this week.


After the new firmware update to 2.2.12 you have to run the 3.x version of Tablo2go script. It works fine and I have migrated from the 2.x version which is only supported to firmware 2.2.10.


New SurLaTablo is in the works. Maybe this weekend?


That would be great. Currently I’m using tablo2go but I have to run it manually. Being able to go back to my surlatablo cron job would be a big win.


Warning: It’s a LOT of work… a LOT of work… did I say it’s going to take a lot of work? This will be 2.0, might as well rewrite the whole thing…


I too use your python script to integrate the Tablo with my plex server. The script handles all my recordings other than live sporting events to transparently get the content into my libraries, and has been hassle free the entire time. This integration with Plex has made the Tablo so much more enjoyable, as I have experienced the Tablo quirks most people complain about from time to time while watching the sports directly off the Tablo device and if I had to deal with them for everything I record I would probably stop using the Tablo.

In any case, I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for sharing your hard work with the community. I really appreciate it!


Dada… dum, dum, dum… more meta data bites the dust… Dada… dum,dum, dum… and another one down and another one down, more meta data bites the dust… (I program faster when not faced with stuff like this)…


fingers crossed. :grin:


Tablo removes meta data at random. So while we can know the date (supposedly) when a “series” of a TV show started (not even a season), we are no longer allowed to know the original air date of an episode. There are some probabilistic algorithms in SurLaTablo that use things like the original air date to fill in blanks for lacking meta data.



Most of the meta data work is done. Then it’s off to pulling the data off (and I’ve got some ideas on how to speed this up).

Maybe another week or two (sorry about the delay).


No worries. Your work is MUCH appreciated!

Happy to beta test and help out anyway I can.


Without thinking, I upgraded my tablo yesterday. And now surlatablo doesn’t work. I see a new version of surlatablo is pending. Is that to address this firmware upgrade? I really like the program, and prefer plex’s interface to tablo’s own.

As always, keep up the good work. And thanks !!



Yes, versionj 2beta1 is to make SurLaTablo compatible with the new api published by Nuvyyo (required). Can’t promise if I’ll get it done this weekend, but I am trying.



No rush - just gathering facts. I’ll help beta test if you need.



SurLaTablo 2.0b1

2.0b1 - First release for new 2.2.12 firmware (Tablo’s official “rest” api).

Note: Tablo no longer has key meta data like genre and original_air_date like before. The SURLATABLO_CONF file now defaults to surlatablo2.conf in your home directory. The SurLaTablo meta data and recording cache files have been renamed (they begin with slt2) because both formats are different… thus on first run, it will re-index all of your recordings into the local cache… could take many many minutes.

Oddly enough, I didn’t test this against 2.2.12… so this beta might not be a great beta :wink:


hmm – clearly I’m challenged – I can’t download it, as all I’m getting is the first few lines of your python script – me thinks it is the really smart browsers out there trying to help out.

can you re-up it with a simple TXT extension, or packaged as a zip?


Sorry… it was late…

correct link to all that is SurLaTablo (just grab the 2.0b1 file)…


Oh… and early this morning (really early!) I did upgrade to 2.2.12 and do a test pull.