- Python program to query and convert Tablo recordings


sweet – running it through its paces right now;

Initial impression is that it seems to work (I expected nothing less of you), but that it is quite a bit slower than it used to be, I’m assuming that is API tax?

I have noticed that you are not putting a ‘0’ in front of the season number if it is single digit – I believe that Plex best practice is that e.g. season 2 is represented as season ‘Season 02’ – that said Plex is capable of reconciling it, so it is really just a nit to get consistency of folder naming.

I have not looked at meta-data yet, so I’ll report back when I do :slight_smile:


strike that season number comment – after RTFM’ing, I see that you have it covered under the --convert option.

Meta data looks solid outside of the stuff that Tablo apparently decided no-one needed (Haaalloooo?).


It is definitely slower in creating the caches of what is on your Tablo… I suppose that’s a “tax” :slight_smile:

Not sure if that can be sped up. But since SurLaTablo just adjusts to the deltas between runs, that’s still pretty fast, just not as fast as it used to be.

The ts pull seems to be similar in speed.

My wheels are still turning on the 2.0 release…there will be some changes, possibly involving SurLaTablo meta data… just an fyi.


2.0b2 is in the works. Might contain some temporal surprises.


Sorry in advance if you’ve already discussed this. I enjoyed the use of the “-i” switch with the 6 digit number to explicitly identify an episode for download. That doesn’t seem to work in 2.0b1.

All else seems to be working fine so far.

thx - allen


@Allen actually I was looking at that (and many other things) last night. Will have something in 2.0b2 (soon).


I need some help I would like to add this line “curl” to so that it would run after each recording is finished but I don’t know where to add it.

So this is what I’m doing in a FreeNAS jail, I have running at 9pm,10pm and 11pm. The recordings are downloaded into PLEX. So the line above would re-scan the library after each recording is done making it available to PLEX.


Hmmm… an interesting request. Problematic if done after each though (too many Plex rescans is not good for Plex).

Since this becomes just a bit “too” Plex integrated, I might look into providing some kind of generic hook mechanism.


You should probably make that 9:10, 10:10, and 11:10. Tablo routinely records 5 minutes over, so you’re never going to get recordings that haven’t finished yet if you run it on the hour.


The re-scans shouldn’t be much of an issue since the command “curl” only re-scans the library for the recordings. Nothing else is re-scanned. The number “4” is the id of the library plus maintenance runs every night on Plex’s database keeping everything fast.


Thanks, I’ll make the adjustment to the schedule.


Yeah… I think new Plex is better than it once was… I know it used to be a mess… I’ll see about that hook (which may just be a special transcode, you might be able to add this now… look at things like the json transcode or gif).


Ok, thanks


Got it working added the command to this section;


# Clean up temporary files
if (not options['keepdir']):

Thanks for the help.


While hacking the code is cetainly one way to do this, I would have set it up as a custom transcoder, that way you don’t have to change the code on every release.

I’ll post how I’d do this later this evening.


Ok, thanks


Out of curiosity, why doesn’t the built-in Plex automatic scanning on folder change detection satisfy your needs?


I belive it won’t work if the Library in on network storage (I think I remember reading that).


Good question. The reason is automatic change detection in PLEX doesn’t seem to work on ZFS file system. Something about the OS not providing change triggers.


I’m not sure what I’m doing different, but it works on mine (at least I’m pretty darn sure).