Support network attached storage (NAS)


Actually, I think most of the people who would want that option would be ones active on the forums because it’s generally people with issues and/or concerns/wants that are posting, not the people that are totally fine with the product as is.

Quite honestly, with the number of devices on my network I actually prefer the Tablo recording the content locally to an attached drive to minimize potential issues (like high general network usage during the evenings which is when most of the content we record is on) and then pulling and processing the content overnight when there is significantly less network usage.


The point was, how many people would be interested in a NAS option… probably some of the people posting here - a fraction of the total tablotv users overall.
I think we may be a minority of their users.


Fair point. I read your reply incorrectly. I thought you were implying there were lots of non-posting users who would want NAS support. I see that we are in agreement with this particular point.