SUGGESTION: Split this forum (OG / 4th Gen)

I think it actually takes it into consideration. Put a “Legacy Tablo” badge/link on the forum that the Gen 4 users can choose to ignore. Legacy users can make it their new bookmark for the site.

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And make the link a “smiley face”. Use something else for 4th gen, if it needs a link somewhere.

(that was a dark humor post… please laugh)


And when the gen 4 apps start working with the legacy devies is there a third forum called “blended”.

I wouldn’t. I’d separate it by devices. Legacy users will have their own issues/experiences with the newer software than the 4th generation device users, most likely, but the 4th generation (likewise) won’t care much about that.

You actually think that a gen 4 user wouldn’t or couldn’t be impacted by a app change made to support legacy devices.

I don’t think that, but I would not need to know about it as a legacy user.

You probably also think tablo wants to support both legacy and gen 4 apps on all devices forever - new devices and OS upgrades,

Not at all! And as those posts behind the “legacy button” continue to decrease over time, as the old devices fail or get replaced one day, Tablo can just hide/discontinue that part of the forum. Win-Win! :wink:

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And my 2014 OG gen 1’s are still running strong. How long will my gen 3’s last. - another 5-6 years. By then ATSC 1.0 will be phased out and both legacy and gen 4’s will both be legacy.

True, other than after 4 years the known problem has not moved forward. Except maybe into the next generation.

Just suggesting have realistic expatitions

That’s sad that an issue could go on so long. It’s got to be rough. I assume a bug or two will continue for years, but hopefully nothing major.

I should have made myself clearer. There has been multiple times in these short few months where it seems like the attitude has been a “we had to deal with this when it came out, you should too” and that’s the end of a legacy user’s post. The “what do you expects” are very discouraging and come off quite unwelcoming.

I can’t imagine Tablo supporting older devices forever. Anger and frustration are expected as these are phased out with newer devices and long time users start feeling left behind. You have to decide whether to support the company moving forward or not. I assume that old users and new want Tablo to be successful and continue making better products in the future. If they go bankrupt tomorrow, everyone is screwed and it doesn’t matter which device had a better feature.

I don’t think my expectation is unrealistic. This is a support forum. Be supportive. By saying, “this is how it’s been for x years”, it sounds like the company’s been crap forever. Makes me wonder: a) why the legacy user still uses it, and b) why I should use a product that will never get better.


I am fine with whatever is decided on this issue. I voted to split ----- > defined as one general login website where the user then clicks Legacy or NEW/4th Gen once logged in placing them in the respectively correct forum for their issues. I am an Admin on serveral sites and sometimes it is helpful to scoop up folks and usher them into the correct spot. We have found they can be like a “deer in headlights”. This is not to be insulting in any way. Newer folks mistakenly enter threads for we the legacy users and of course they receive information that does not apply to them in any way whatsoever!

BTW – not to jinx myself here but my legacy Tablo’s have been working flawlessly. I am a network “guy” so I have already dealt with the bumps along the way to getting my systems humming along.

For now I see no reason to entertain replacing my Legacy equip. Although I have thought about buying a 4th Gen simply to discover issues and help others here. My experience with Tablo’s and networking would be beneficial for supporting others.

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