SUGGESTION: Split this forum (OG / 4th Gen)

There are many new users in this forum after the introduction of the 4th Gen Tablo. Welcome to group!

For the Admins at Tablo HQ: How about splitting the forum into one for the 4th Gen, and a second one for us still using the O.G.?



I second that…


That might not be a bad idea. Just wondering how it would work…

It might even be a start if when you are starting a post, it asks you to pick the Tablo device you are writing about from a drop-down? IDK. It’s going to be a lot of work no matter!

Also, for new users that don’t realize that there’s a difference, it would need to be very clearly explained (and I mean VERY CLEARLY - like “click the picture of what your device looks like” clear) so that they end up in the right forum.

FWIW, I enjoy hearing the advice that Legacy users offer. Sometimes the little tricks they’ve learned are still beneficial to us.

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Even more so… “I click the [some] button and then [something] doesn’t work.”
Well, not everyone uses the same of the several possible unknown devices you use. So the one line explanation, which seems to sum up their entire situation… offers little info to provide assistance.

“I have it connected to my main router.” This suggest there is more than one router. Turns out they have their own names for networking devices. Once it’s understood, the solution isn’t too complex [for some] to help.

The more information that a user is able to provide makes a better experience for all of us. I wasn’t trying to imply that things couldn’t be understood or explained by with more information. This is obviously a reason that two forums might be a better option. I can only imagine how often legacy users want to scream at some of these posts, knowing that right now, 95% of them have nothing to do with their older products, and any valuable information gets pushed way down as the same repeated questions emerge.

I’ve noticed that many new users are missing vital pieces of information about how the 4th gen works. I think this can be a failure of Tablo’s. “How do I plug it into my TV” is something that Tablo needs to make clear. The instruction “booklet” is very sparse and basically says: “download the app and go from there.” There’s nothing on the box or in the booklet that mentions how this works! It isn’t unreasonable to assume that the device has it’s own system and you control it from there. Anway, this is a separate issue and I don’t want to take away from the main point of this topic.

I think as long as the topic can be split and all users have access to any information, it’s a great idea. With Tablo pushing this… Umm… product… making users sure of which device they might need help with is crucial.

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I have nothing to substantiate this… I believe stoopid A’mericans don’t even look at no literature. Yes, the “How do I plug it into my TV” is priceless to most who have minimum understanding. But it’s not necessarily the user’s fault for not understand basic networking nor basic technical connections. (so don’t laugh if/when they ask for help)

Yes tablo/Nuvyyo has flubbed up. It’s been pointed out how confusing their naming is for any/everyone. Tablo 4-Tuner is not a Tablo Quad. As a Tablo 2-Tuner is a different device than the various Tablo DUAL line of products. Then “TV Connected” for HDMI models --For example.

Then there’s the “fly-by” how do I plug this in with several responses and never return. Possibly realized how silly their question is when they had a revelation. Everyone wants to help, but they just flew by for nothing.

4th Gen Quick Start Guide

Yeah, that’a what they throw in for a “manual”. Not sure about your imbalance of American intelligence. Doesn’t skipping the instructions make a person smarter than needing to read them? :rofl: In most cases they’re pretty “common sense” (Yes, that is a completely subjective phrase, but you get my drift), but you need the instructions for some things, and this is one of them. This is an overly complicated device to set up, when you consider that the support pages know the app won’t work or will crash or that you’ll have to close/force-quit the app or reboot the Tablo between steps. I’ve spent some time looking at their ads and the video on their site. It really doesn’t make it clear how it works. If I had walked into BB and seen it on the shelf, I wouldn’t know WTF to do with it! But I came across this while looking for a different PVR and I know how to do research. I think RN so many of these are gifts and even the purchaser doesn’t know what they bought. But there’s no need to confuse people with legacy and 4th mixed in here together.

BTW, I’ve never laughed at anyone for asking the simplest question. I don’t like it when users treat anyone with a shred of indecency. I think one of my first posts starts by, “hey, stupid question”! If it came out differently because of my encouraging the need to make devices clearer when entering the forums, it’s because of exactly what you said – they have very confusing names. I appreciate all the help OG and new users have given. I haven’t drop-kicked either one of my “non quad 4th gen dual tuner with dual FAST tuner” into the Mississippi because of all the things users have come up with for workarounds!

There is no OG, only Zuul.

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Should the forum be split?

  • I own a Legacy and 4th Gen Tablo and prefer to split the forums
  • I own a Legacy and 4th Gen Tablo and prefer to keep one forum
  • I own a Legacy Tablo and prefer to split the forums
  • I own a Legacy Tablo and prefer to keep one forum
  • I own a 4th Gen Tablo and prefer to split the forums
  • I own a 4th Gen Tablo and prefer to keep one forum
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91% favor splitting the forum in two. What say you @TabloForumAdmin / @TabloTV ?


Vote No.

I’m capable of figuring out what product line the post is describing.

I personally expected the beta testers to continue posting on the Beta Forum since we had a head start dealing with the issues. I believed our continued input on a dedicated forum would help resolve issuesmore quickly.

IDK who all the beta testers were, but it sure would be nice if more of them came out and shared their experience HERE. It seems to be the same confused new users over and over again, and maybe if there was a way to distinguish them from others? A badge or something? Maybe it’s all hush-hush, but because some of you have been here “from the beginning”, it’s nice to hear what you have to say. I think it would help the beta testers and more experienced users come off a little more trustworthy so users know what they say means something.

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If you click on a user’s name or icon, it will bring up a screen showing when they joined the forum. It won’t tell you if their information is valuable or not, but it may help you to evaluate the given information better.

How is that working out. Sort of like pulling an infinitely long string.

I agree that it is helpful to see how long they’ve been a member of the forum, but it does nothing to tell you what devices they have used or know much about. There are numerous legacy users that abhor the 4th gen and will do pretty much anything to avoid them.

I’m still in favor of a split if users can access both forums. And if a legacy-only user only has only those devices, then they have little input to offer 4th gen users. Phrases that pretty much say, “this was a problem in X device 4 years ago” are unhelpful moving forward. From the sounds of more knowledgeable users, these devices are wholly different so they should not be compared to one another.

But, I also think that some aspects and thoughts can be brought forward and may be beneficial to current/new users.

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I would prefer to keep the forum as it is, mainly because I have both generations of the Tablo and enjoy helping others troubleshoot their issues. It is a bit easier to keep everything in one place.

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When I post a question about my Roku in the Tablo Apps section I am prompted to select my device. Maybe something similar could be done with general discussion posts. (“Legacy” & “4th Gen” tags?)


With all of the 4th gen issues, I think the visuals and sorting through it all is a terrible user experience. I would even be ok with making the “legacy user” section the one that perhaps requires an extra click (and then we could save that as our bookmark for accessing the site).

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This all ignores the fact that the legacy tablos aren’t sold anymore. And all those new big bad legacy posts should fade into the past.

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