Streaming Channels at the Top of the Guide

I’ve been enjoying my new Tablo lately. I have noticed, in the guide, that there are 4 streaming channels at the top of the guide. I’m curious why this is? I searched the KB and wasn’t able to find an answer.

You don’t want them interfering with the OTA list delete them. That’s what I did.

Thanks for posting that. I didn’t find it originally. It is not that they interfere, I was just curious why they are at the top of the list.

To me the problem is I rarely use FAST channels. And the ones popped to the top of the list really rarely. So it’s just as easy to dump them. Then I can concentrate on the OTA channels I actually use. And there are more then 4. If I remember there were 6. But people seldom included 2 of them.

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I wouldn’t mind it if I could select my favorite chans to go there.

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That’s a good point. Being able to manually order the guide would be a very good feature. We can do that with YouTube TV, and almost any other live TV streaming service.