Still no "one touch" record option!

As with most (if not all) DVR’s, there should be a “one touch record” feature, so that you can scroll through the guide and when you’re highlighting a particular show, just push a single button to set up the recording and then move on.
Is that asking for too much??
This convoluted method of having to navigate back and forth is both annoying and archaic!
Leaving that option is perfectly fine…but there needs to be a one button option as well.
It’s been commonplace for other DVR’s since they were invented!
The Tablo shouldn’t be an exception to that rule!
It would even look cool advertised (and on the packaging itself)!
Let’s get our act together, Tablo!..please!!
Having the ability to alter the time for the automated nightly maintenance -and- having a (perfectly common) one touch record option shouldn’t need to take years to incorporate, should it??

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Highlight show - “touch” record (one time deal)

If I want to set up recording options? There are a variety of options, a one-stop-button for all the mixes is a big ask.

Just “touch” info… not much to navigate -
“touching” options has possibilities. Having a one-stop-button for each of these? Wouldn’t that make the guide cumbersome?

On another note: notice my crappy graphics, with the latest firmware

and and completely new channel scan. This is what I get :frowning:

Just like djk44883 shows in the previous reply, one-touch recording from the guide is available on both my PC and on my Roku.
Maybe I’m just not understanding what it is that you are asking for.

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Thanks!..but I’m confused. I discussed this with a rep at Tablo and he said “we’re working on it”.
Like numerous other issues that are being worked on… perpetually!!
I don’t see a “record” button on my Roku remote.
Do you have one on yours?
It’s a three step process to schedule a recording from the guide and three steps again, if you decide not to record the show.
“One touch” means exactly that!
While navigating the guide you highlight a show and hit one button, one time! Period.
That’s “one touch” recording. Nothing else qualifies.

What button on your Roku remote do you recommend using to support “one touch” recording? By the way, PLEX DVR, which operates very much like a network connected Tablo DVR also does not support “one touch” recording via a Roku remote. Are there ANY network connected DVRs that support “one touch” recording via a Roku remote or only directly connected DVRs using a proprietary remote?

I’m not recommending it.
You likely misunderstood my post.
I was questioning the person(s) that suggested there is a (true) “one touch” option using a Roku remote.
I don’t see such a button/option!

Not familiar with other networked DVR’s that have this feature but it’s quite common with DVR’s in general and it could be incorporated into the Roku remote. They could even provide the option to use the convoluted method or a “one touch” method (which can be chosen by the user from the menu).
The same “enter” button could be used as a “one touch” record button. It’s definitely viable.
They just need to care more about improving the user experience, that’s all!

You never mentioned Roku in you first post! Tablo works across a variety of apps/devices. You didn’t mention any specific.

I highlight a show - there’s a record button to click once to record the show …in the web app. Like Santa and M&Ms, it does exist :slightly_smiling_face:

I think there’s confusion here over a few things. I think I can clarify.

The OP is asking specifically for a remote control button that acts as a record button, like the old red circle ‘record icon’ button as an example, that would just start recording the item highlighted in the app. This is/was common on other DVRs that have their own remote because it’s their own system. Tablo is different in that it’s an app that runs on a variety of platforms like Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, etc

Tablo doesn’t control the design of the remotes of those devices so what you’re asking is not reasonable or possible. The only option is if they made a certain remote button function that way within their app, but which button would you suggest? They all already have functions.

As far as what djk is saying, they are saying it takes one ‘touch’ of the record button in the app itself, which is a different definition, and not particularly helpful because it’s not what ‘Displeased’ is asking.

Have I clarified everything?


The “original post” didn’t mention *remote control button"… just a “one touch” – then stated their Roku has none. Now we know they what a a specially designed Tablo/Roku remote.

As for some insight where this will likely end up -

and they’ve already exhausted tech support who just won’t listen -

Thanks for your input but it’s entirely possible (and a reasonable request as well) to integrate that option via Roku.
There’s always room for modifications.
Just as you can toggle the commercial skip on and off, there can be a button assignment for a (true) “one touch record” feature.
It’s far from being an impossibility.
You’re making an assumption. It’s not factual.
I actually spoke to several Tablo reps regarding this and the response was basically the same.
“It’s a good idea, I’ll pass it along, were working on it, blah, blah, blah”. Lots and lots of lip service!
I’m curious as to just how many users need to request something before they actually even consider it?..10,000, 20,000…more??

Your comment as to “where this will likely end up” is both a wrong assumption and antagonistic!
…which I believe might be against the rules of this forum! Please play nice! Thank you!

It’s entirely possible!
Tablo controls the integration of their systems into the Roku remote layout.
Just as the “enter” button is now being used for the three step (convoluted) method, it can also function as a single step option (aka, a “one touch” record function)…and it makes far better sense to have designed it that way initially!
…but there’s generally always room for changes. The question is whether or not to make improvements or invest everything in new product development. They’ve chosen the latter and by doing so, are alienating the thousands of users that don’t need a new product, just a better version of the original.
This same issue applies to the fact that you can’t replace a full drive with a new one on the same Tablo unit…while still retaining the recordings on that original drive and re-attaching it later on (to view unwatched recordings)! This is something that can be done with all other DVR’s (since their inception)!
They haven’t bothered doing anything about that (major) mishap either!
I’ve discussed this with them as well…and (believe it or not) they expect you to purchase a new Tablo unit under these circumstances (so that you can maintain a “matched pair”)!
It’s way beyond ludicrous!!

Tablo controls the integration of their systems into the Roku remote layout.

There should be a method to record a show you are watching without going back to the show’s menu. With other DVRs hitting a record button starts recording from the beginning of the show or from when you tuned to it. What always seems to happen is I’m several minutes behind live TV and my wife comes in and asks to change the channel. At that point there is no way to record the show since it isn’t live and going back to the menu reverts back to live TV where that show may have well already ended. It doesn’t have to be a dedicated remote button, but a submenu or some way to start recording while the show is playing would be very nice.