Sound randomly drops for 1-2 seconds frequently but video is always fine

I’ll state some facts/observations:
Sound drops only for 1-2 sections but the video continues just fine (like I hit mute)
Happens several times in a single show. All shows, all hours of the day, live or recorded content.
Does NOT happen direct from the OTA (signal is excellent). I have a feed directly from the OTA to my bedroom tv and have never experienced this.
Does NOT happen when watching content off my Tablo from my mobile device over wifi.
Only happens when using a Roku 3 to access the content.

This suggests its the Roku… but does Tablo handle the Roku player app? Has anyone experienced this and resolved it in some way? I am going to hit the Roku support too.


Which Roku 3? Model 4200?

Roku 3 4200x but it has been awhile, last time about early December, and not often. I only watch recorded shows. I would exit the Tablo app, sign back in and the sound would be okay, even the recorded portion that was muted before would play fine. Even when the video sound was muted, the Roku would make beeping noises when exiting out of the app. At least that is how I remember it. I The Roku 3 was wired to the router at that time.

What version is your Roku using for firmware? You should be able to check this in its Settings > About screen.

My Model 4200x Roku 3 is running 8.0.0 build 3143-04. My 4660X Roku Ultra is running on 8.0.1 build 4047-46.

My 4200x Roku 3 is running I thought Roku was rolling out an update to 8.0 by the end of the year(2017). I had mine updated 12/16/17.

Of course it may not fix your problem - buyer be ware. And if you really want it or to check you can always force the update check in the settings/system update tab. Somewhere in the Roku 8.0 release they introduced the hang that occurs when you hammer the FF-play-FF repeat many times in a row.

Sorry I am running 8.0.0 4143-04 on the Roku 3 4200X. In December I retired my Roku 2s and bought Ultras for the living room and my wife’s TV. That was a good decision. I inherited the Roku 3 4200X from the living room for my TV and it has been performing without major issues on 8.0.0 4143-04.

The update to 8.0.0 happened automatically on the Roku 3 4200x but the updates to 8.0.0 on the Roku 2s did not happen until several weeks later when I did a manual request. I had about decided that they were not going to issue an upgrade to 8.0.0 for the Roku 2s because of their age. I replaced them any way.

My Roku Ultras upgraded to 8.0.1 when I did the new installations before Christmas.

Same problem here. Roku 3, 8.0.0 build 4143, live and recordings. Annoying.

My 4200x audio is fine. I only record at 720p and the Roku audio is at auto mode Dolby D+, DTS, medium volume. No external speakers.

Sorry for the delay. I have a Roku 3 4230X. Version 8.0.0 Build 4143-04

Same problem on Roku 3 here.

I’m having the same issue. Working fine on my FireTV just having the issue on my Roku. Roku 2 4210X 8.0.0 build 4143-04

Does the audio on the recordings or live TV play correctly on other devices?

Does it happen right away on every playback instance, even after a reboot of your Roku? Or does it slowly creep in over time?

It happens on both live TV and recordings. It varies when it happens. Sometimes it won’t happen until late in an episode, other times it’s incredibly frequent. I did try and reboot the Roku but it didn’t have any effect.

I just updated to the latest Tablo firmware, no change. And I just confirmed on my FireTV that places where the audio skipping is occurring recordings on my Roku isn’t happening on the FireTV.

Yes, I am all up to date on Tablo and Roku updates. Restarts on both devices don’t help.

Hey folks -

Can you try two things for us:

  1. Next time you hear an audio blip on a recording, can you rewind and play back that same section? We’d like to know if the audio blip happens in the EXACT same spot again.

  2. Can you try swapping the HDMI cable out from the affected ROKU with another (hopefully newer) device for a quick test drive? The ‘numerical’ Roku models are now 2 generations old, so it’s possible that the cables may be failing, especially if they’ve been stressed.

This is happening across all channels. Audio intermittently drops for 2-3 seconds. Even on channels with very strong signal. Any one seeing this or have any suggestions?

@Bennie_Gibson Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this.

Is it on all devices, or just one?

This is happening on multiple ROKU devices. I don’t watch Tablo program enough on mobile to know if the issue is happening on them. Again, this is intermittent (perhaps once or twice an hour but not 100% certain). It is just long enough of a cut out to be seriously impact the viewing experience.