Sound but no picture on some recorded shows Roku 3

Is anyone else randomly getting a grey screen with sound but no picture when loading a recorded show on a Roku 3?

This happened twice last night out of 3 recordings, but did not happen at all the night before. Has been happening for about a week in what appears to be totally random pattern. Backing out and resuming fixes the issue 100% of the time.

Latest firmware on both Roku and Tablo, network all hardwired with both devices on the same switch.

I thought it was just “me”. I’ve seen exactly the same symptoms - infrequently.

Same thing happened to me a few times this week. It must be a new bug…

Hey folks… This was something we tackled a long time ago so it’s odd to see it popping back up.

Can you please confirm which hardware you’re using (which version of Roku & year would help), your recording quality setting and is it always a recording or is it sometimes on live TV?

I’ve noticed it on my 2013 Roku 3, build 9044. My Tablo is running version 2.2.8 and I’m using the recommended recording quality (HD 720 - 5 Mbps). Both are hard wired into my router.

I haven’t seen it with live TV, only recordings. It only happens when I first start watching, never while watching.

And as @luker said:

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Roku 3 - 4200. This started with the tablo 2.0.18 roku app and continues with the 2.0.19 app. Sometimes it clears if you back out to the recordings menu. At other times you need to back all the way out to the roku home menu.

Roku 3 4200X (or 4200CA on box) can’t find a year.
Recording quality = HD720 - 5 Mbps (recommended)
Always a recording, however I never watch live TV from Tablo as it is just too painful.