Screen is blank but audio plays at beginning of recorded program playback on Roku

Since around the time of the Tablo firmware 2.2.8 update, pressing play to start program playback via Roku results in the audio playing, but with a totally blank screen. The program title and Retrieving bar do not appear. Restarting the program results in normal video and audio operation. It happens about one or two percent of the program starts and always at the very beginning of the program except for one program restart at 49:00. I’ve logged about ten incidents over the past month and there also have been more or less an equal number not logged. There are no concurrent LPWs, freezes, or Roku crashes, all of which seem to have resolved at the time of the Roku ESPN update.

Both Rokus are model 3, one a 4200X and one a 4230X Both have Roku v7 build 9044. One Roku is hardwired ethernet thru a Powerline adapter and the other is via WIFI. The router is a Netgear WNR2500. The Tablo drive is a Seagate 2TB portable drive.

This is not the thorniest problem facing the world today but is puzzling. Has anyone else seen this problem recently?

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I do have the same thing happen with a wired roku 3 ,4230.

We are aware of this, but right now it’s not clear what magical mysterious things are happening inside the Roku box to cause this.

We’re always trying to reproduce this to find out, but haven’t been successful yet.

Want my Roku back :wink:

Happens usually once per evening, normally on the second or third show we watch, rarely on the first. Pretty much every night we watch recordings.

Just saw this for the first time a few days ago. I backed out of the show and reloaded it and all was fine. I am pretty sure this was the first time.

Per Tablo question at

My recording quality has been 2 and 3 mbps . Not sure what year but are 4200x and 4230x as noted above.

This has also happen to me about once or twice a week both at start of recording and also in the middle. I just go back to start up screen and go again and it has always worked fine after that. It is very strange!

I never had the problem until tablo roku app version 2.0.18. Continues with 2.0.19. Doesn’t happen with the legacy app.

I had this happen to me last night when resuming a show I had started a couple of days before. When I stopped the show went back to the main menu and started play again it went away. Its happened before but definitely not most of the time.

Also, I don’t know if this is related, but occasionally I see a Loading with a spinning circle that I can’t recall seeing before. This is not the Loading Please Wait with the bar indicator. I don’t know if that’s a Roku thing or a Tablo channel thing.

I have a Roku 3 4200X.

So I just had this happen mid way through a program. I’m using a Roku Express. I rebooted the Tablo unit, but even live TV was showing just a white screen but playing the audio. All the other screens look normal, just when it goes to play something does the screen go blank white. I’ve now done a reboot on the Roku player as well, and that seems to have done the trick and the video is playing again.