Slow Syncing on Android?

Anybody else having this issue? Sometimes I’m stuck waiting for upwards of 10 minutes for the app to sync with my Tablo before my latest recordings show up. It’s getting to be real annoying when I just want to watch the news while I’m eating. Instead I’m often almost done eating by the time I can even start watching.

I haven’t ever had this issue. It never syncs for more than perhaps 15 seconds if I haven’t used it in a few days.

@japzone - Sync should happen in the background unless you haven’t used the Tablo app on that device for 14 days or longer. In that case, a full sync may be required but it still shouldn’t take that long unless you have a MASSIVE list of channels.

That being said, the speed is also limited by the power of your device and the network you’re using it on.


  • I generally open the app at least once every 1-3 days, so I don’t think time is the issue.
  • I have 64 channels(if sub-channels are included), don’t know if that’s high or average.
  • Not sure how I can tell if it’s syncing in the background properly.
  • As for device power, the phone is a OnePlus One with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801.
  • The network is my home 5Ghz WiFi-N

64 seems like a LOT of channels to me. I have 12 in my guide, half of which are SD sub-channels.

Do you actually watch/record from all of those channels? I took all the foreign language, religious, and shopping subchannels out of my list. Reducing the number of channels will make a big difference, I think.

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Removing religous and shopping only dropped me to 48. I have a couple family members that can speak spanish so they like pulling up those channels occasionally, but that’s only 4 channels out of the ones we recieve.

I would consider dropping any other SD channels you don’t regularly use. I think I keep only about 10 channels in my guide, and it usually is either instantly synced for just a few seconds when I open the app.

That’ll be hard since my household has a wide range of interests between all of us, so almost every channel has something we find interesting to watch. Older members of our household in particular enjoy the many archive channels we have that play back catalogs of old movies and TV shows they like. We also get most of the “major” channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, My Network, CW, ION, and FOX.

PS: It takes my laptop around 2 and a half minutes to sync in comparison.

The trick is to sync more frequently.

Even once a day doesn’t seem to reduce it much. And I’m not gonna keep opening it more often than that. I don’t watch TV on my phone that often.

I sync before leaving home, since WiFi is faster than LTE. I only have 20 active channels, so that makes it faster too. When it syncs besides what was recorded, it is also the guide and all those images that they love to give us. I wish there was a text only guide option that we could opt for per device.


Low tech solution. Start connection 10 minutes before you begin eating.

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I receive 100+ channels. Eliminating religious, foreign language, and shopping channels cuts it down to about 50. Of that number I whittle it down to 25 of which I probably watch only 8 or so on a regular basis.
Is it any wonder cord cutting is the rage when cable companies persist in serving up tons of garbage at ridiculous prices? The recently approved merger between TWC and Charter does not bode well for improvement.

I mainly use Android and always wondered what its doing when syncing. It takes anywhere from 2-5+ minutes to synch. Seems like a long time to me but maybe I don’t understand what its actually doing.

I sync once every few days and now plan 10 minutes before I really want to watch anything.

How many channels do you get?

I get roughly 28 channels.

Not Comcast. Charter is the new owner of Time Warner Cable. Comcast is already to big as they own NBC Universal.

I stand corrected. Thanks.

I think it has to do with the number of channels and the images for the guide. Also number of new recordings and the thumbnails for ff.