Slow fast forwarding of commercials

Hello all. New Tablo user and I like it for the most part so far. My one gripe. When coming to a commercial i do a frame by frame FF using the purple Roku buttons. When I get to the frame I want, I push play — and it takes FOREVER to load to that point and start playing again.

I’m on the latest firmware, new WD Elements drive, plugged Tablo directly into network, etc.

I think that it may be that I’m using older Roku’s and that isn’t helping my cause, but any ideas would be appreciated. Its annoying to wait 3 minutes for 3 minutes of commercials to go by…

I don’t have problems forwarding on Netflix or anything else with my older Roku’s so I’m not sure this is the only issue. I’m using a Roku 2 (old version) and a Roku XD.


You are on 2.2.8??? Some slowness was fixed on that ver.

I would have to check when I get home, but I just updated the firmware on Monday…

They just sent out a notice yesterday for 2.2.8. I am on the beta and have yet to get the final, but I know it fixed some issues on that. It might take a couple days to get to you though as they send it out slowly
I am guessing you upgraded to 2.2.6 which had the issues

I’ll be looking for 2.2.8. Thanks. Do you think it is worth getting a Roku 3 (2015 version)? I’m getting more and more $$$ into this thing!

Well, I like the Roku 3 and from what I have heard the 2 is much slower than the 3. Personally I see no reason to upgrade to the 4 either :wink:

Me either. I don’t need 4K, at least not for a long time…

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I too wish there was more in the Roku 4 besides 4k, a remote finder and slightly faster processor. Oh… I guess it might also have more adanced WiFi… maybe that is “a lot”… but didn’t impress me (?)

My thoughts exactly

It’s interesting because despite the much faster processor, I have read in multiple reviews that the UI speed and streaming performance are almost identical between the Roku 3 and 4.

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I have both and agree, the speed difference isn’t obvious.

I think the channel creators have to account for it though as I can say the CRACKLE channel is 100% better, faster, easier, etc, but that channel is completely different between the 3 and 4, completely different layout and look.

Pluto TV is faster and more stable for me on the 4.

Netflix will do the pre-load of the show a bit faster. IE, if I click into a series and pause a second without starting the show, it will pre-load and jump in quicker, but its marginal and if I quickly go direct into playing the show, not allowing it time to preload, its exactly the same…


Probably need new thread if we continue the Roku 4 path… we’ve taken this thread way off topic.


I have a roku 3, things were working great for the first time, then 2.2.8 and I now have the problem you have. try to fast forward and it takes 3 minutes to load. Very Unhappy

@Jpaulmille - Sorry to hear that. Can you try rebooting your router/Tablo/Roku leaving 2 minutes between each reboot and see what happens?

Switched from Chromecast to Nexus player. FF response now instantaneous.

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Try Nexus player instead? Game changer for me.

Game changer only for non-Amazon Prime users right? Amazon Prime and Prime Instant Video are part of our cord cutting solution. Other may have done similarly…

Correct. Never transitioned to Amazon. Use Netflix from time to time. I like the low cost and flexibility.

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I hear you, It’s just that lots of people are already Amazon Prime members because they wanted the free expedited shipping (or other features). So having access to Amazon Prime Video is a plus for those that already subscribe.

I hear now that the Nvdia Shield could be the very best of the Android TV crowd (including for Plex)… but I don’t have one (again that silly Amazon limitation). Some poeple got it for $125 this past weekend, still that’s more than 3x the cost (usually) of a Nexus.

I would recommend keeping a cheap Roku lying around for Amazon Prime if that’s important to you, and get an Android TV to regularly use for everything else including Tablo. Just an idea :smile:

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