Sling TV Update

Not sure if this was mentioned, but today Dish’s Sling TV added the AMC and IFC channels to their line-up, and another Hollywood bundle.

Thanks for the update.  I just looked at my phone, and AMC and IFC are there.  Now I can watch Walking Dead Sunday night on my TV rather than the replay on on my PC.

I just have the sports package, and I am still pretty pleased.  Basketball game quality is usually better than WatchESPN, but not always.  

@snowcat their placement is interesting… No rhyme or reason …

Other than maybe people watch channel X more than Y

And if they allowed pausing at least on more stations that would make me happy… But without that you can’t go to the bathroom :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jestep, do you mean the channels themselves have no rhyme or reason or their location on the app has no rhyme or reason?

The location on the app seems to be organized by category.  Sports, General Cable stations (AMC, TBS, etc), movie channels, home/cooking/travel channels, kids, news, and foreign language programing.

@snowcat it is interesting the location. CNN is now near the end for me, it used to be near the front…

Just find it strange, but your category idea looks about right

You would think alphabetical would make it easier :wink:

As long as sports is in the front, I am good.  :smiley:


Another Update (but you probably already knew).  I’m on the West coast but noticed that the slingtv channels stream at different time zones.  I did set my time zone in the settings, but shows stream at different time zones.

Found this list on reddit that pretty much mirrors what’s happening with my slingTV:

  • ESPN - PST
  • ESPN2 - PST
  • AMC - EST
  • TNT - EST
  • TBS - EST
  • IFC - PST
  • FOOD - EST
  • HGTV - EST
  • TOON - EST
  • CNN - PST

All my shows are correct for central time.  It sounds like Sling just doesn’t have the west coast feeds for every channel.

SlingTV has expanded it’s video on demand feature to include AMC. From the channel, hit the “up” arrow, and those channels with on-demand will have “On Now” shows. Nice feature! 

@snowcat VOD definitely makes time zones less important.

@streambird that is nice… A little behind on some shows but still pretty good

@Jstep if now there was only a way to record it and if they offered 2 or 3 streams.

@beastman yeah, that’s why I dumped it.  It’s amazing how live TV sucks after having the convenience of a DVR.

I am still slightly disappointed in SlingTV’s performance.

I have upgraded my entire LAN in that last month with 10/100/1000 switches and a new router with 10/100/1000 LAN ports. I have all cat 6 cable and everything is on a wired connection. I have 50 up/down service.

I go straight from the modem (modem only) to my new router across the house with Cat6 to a switch and Cat 6 to the FireTV and I still get buffering and various degrees of picture definition with SlingTV. It is set to best picture.

I get zero buffering on any other service and I stream 1080p HD 15GB mkv files through Plex to the FireTV on a regular basis.


@roraniel - Have you chatted with their support gurus?

@TabloTV I tried calling them last night. Waited 15 minutes on hold. Emailed them instead. Got response that said they may take several days to get back to me. In the mean time it was un-watchable this morning. 20 seconds bad video quality, 20 seconds buffering, 20 seconds bad video quality, 20 seconds buffering. Rebooted FireTV and whole network. No improvement. I am about to pull the plug.

Anyone else having problems like this?

I haven’t had anything quite like that.  Sometimes when I am watching a basketball game, the quality goes up and down, and it will rarely lose the connection.   

On Cartoon Network, I have always had a good connection.   I watch Sling on both my Roku3 and FireTv.

Bummer. Sounds like they’re having some growing pains. Hope they get it sorted out for you @roraniel

Ha ha, ha. I dread calling them.

I received a robot email response saying that the error message I am getting means I have a problem with my connection to the internet and to call ISP. 

First, I said nothing about an error message, second, my internet connection is blazing fast.

Looks like I might be dumping them.