Skip 30sec in IOS App Gone?

Running version 2.2.16 it seems that the very useful skip ahead 30sec button has disappeared? Has this been replaced in some other way? This was VERY USEFUL!!

I to am disappointed. No sklp ahead 30 sec on iPad. I have been using thi for years to skip forward backward. Functionality has gone from an A to a D.

Me too! I call the support team. They answer to me was that it is functioning on their end. The problem is ours. We (their customers) should be provided better support. They should roll back their iOS app to allow us to FF and REW. I am now using the Plex App with the Tablo Channel to view my shows. I should not have to use someone else’s app (Plex) to view the shows on my Tablo.

If you backed up you ipad to itunes before the new app was dropped, you can reinstall your old Tablo app through your computer using itunes. You have to delete the new app off your apple device before connecting to itunes. I wish I had back up my ipad before the update, but I did not. Lesson learned.

I swear the iPad app used to have buttons to skip ahead and back 30 seconds. Am I crazy?
I haven’t been using it much this summer because most of the shows were on break.
This morning I used my iPad when I was on the treadmill. The FFWD button does seem to skip ahead but if I go to far and tap the Rewind button it just starts the show over.

The iPad app was updated a couple of weeks ago. See here: NEW - Tablo iOS App Update (v. 1.3.4). It is now like the iPhone app, which did not have the skip ahead/back 30s buttons. I, too, miss the feature. I use the new buttons as a fwd/bwd scrubbers. Hold them down until the commercials reach an end.

I swear I did try searching for this problem before I posted that new topic, sorry about that.

This is very disappointing. It’s not easy to scrub when on a treadmill. It’s a bit tricky hitting the buttons but I had gotten the knack down.

I’m with you. We need this feature back.

At least now I know I can use the Plex channel to get that capability back.

Can someone from Tablo let us know if they will return this feature? I find the new interface frustrating. I struggle to find the begining of a show after an ad and heaven forbid if you try rewind, you end up at the very begining and good luck getting back to where you were. As for the scrubbing forget it, useless. Please fix this in an update Tablo!

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They will not fix this issue until enough of us complain. Their contact number is (844) 822-5688. If you have Plex, you can use the Tablo Channel in Plex to access your Tablo content. Plex using a FF and REW feature.

Thanks, I will call for sure.