NEW - Tablo iOS App Update (v. 1.3.4)

Hi folks -

In anticipation of the release of iOS 11, a new update to the Tablo app for iPhone and iPad is rolling out starting today.

Those of you who use the iPad app will notice some changes. We are transitioning our iPad app to a web-based app like the iPhone app. This means the iPad app will have new features like bulk delete which should make it much easier to use! Plus, moving forward it will be faster and easier to add new features as they roll out.

Tablo App for iPhone and iPad (v 1.3.4)

  • Adds support for iOS 11
  • Fix for issue where playback of in-progress recordings was not possible
  • Improvements to connecting and sync processes including adding helpful error messages
  • Improvements to error handling during video playback
  • Fix to allow manual recordings to be set less than 1 hour in the future
  • Fix to show network affiliate name vs. call sign (when available)
  • For iPad:
  • Adds ‘Ratings’ Guide Filter
  • Adds Recordings Filters, including ‘Most Recent’
  • Adds Bulk Delete
  • Many more performance, reliability and UI fixes and enhancements

We hope you like it just as much as this kitty loves this fish app:

If you have any issues with the update, please let us know below!

So, if I read this right, the iPhone/iPad “app” that actually installs on the device is going to be little more than a stripped down browser that always goes to the same website and the website will be where the brains are?

Does this mean I won’t be able to use my iPad to control my Tablo when my Internet connection is down?

So cute.

You’ll still be able to use your iPad with your Tablo on your local network, even without an external interweb connection.

All of the web smarts are actually built into the app, vs pointing at a static site and the large majority of our apps across all platforms have built-in network discovery so they can find the Tablo on the LAN even if the WAN is down.


Read this about MAC addresses and IOS 11.

Confirmed with the dev team that this won’t impact Tablo.

Shame on you!

Crashes and lousy time line scrubbing.

Tablo developers and testers – D- grade

You have been on the forum for awhile. The fact that some released fixes make tablo go backwards should not surprise you.

Twenty months ago I detailed the 2 major touch points where pause/resume didn’t work when watching a recording that was recording in the extended recording time frame. While 2.2.16’s only claimed fix addressed this bug, it didn’t fix the one which would be the most common.

Thanks! Just updated my iPad app remotely and glad to see updating to the “web app” didn’t break the pairing. The app connected to the Tablo just fine, but had to do a completed new sync (as expected).

I never had ANY resync on either of my 2 Tablos nor on my iPhone or iPad.

“Retrieving Tablos”

Followed by


Not sure if this would’ve made any difference or not to either prevent crashes or to make the timeline work properly.

Zippy, I am not surprised but certainly disappointed. I used to be able to watch (listen) to shows being recorded while driving with my iPhone remote access. Good Morning America early morning, Charlie Rose on PBS at around 5:30 PM, both in progress. This stopped working with one of the prior releases.

Some companies take pride in their product quality. Others value profit and market penetration more. I have worked for both types, and can only say my
preference as a consumer is always quality first.

You assume that there exists a standard development process that contains anything close to best practices.

In a small company the VP of Marketing could also be the director of QA. Who is also the project lead of the test team and also the primary tester.

Well, that’s different.

Thanks. Update was smooth and it seems to be faster in general. Really like the new choices for recordings. Would like to see an update for Roku.

We’ve got one in progress at the moment. Stay tuned.

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Let’s hope it includes Tablo Connect functionality.

Not in this one… It’s gotta be added to the API that Roku & Apple TV uses first.

Presumably still no answer when.

My iPad auto-updated to this new version.
Previously, I could use airplay with my, several years old, Apple TV.
Now I don’t get the airplay icon.
I can still use mirroring, but that’s not nearly as good.
Other apps can use airplay.

Is there a new way to select airplay, or some orther fix?

I assume you’re still using iOS 10 on your iPad? If that’s the case, the button will be a bit hidden for you until you update your iPad to iOS 11.

Try swiping UP then OVER during playback and you should see the Airplay options…

Once you update, you’ll get it back in the player at the bottom right.


This really helps. My only remaining complaint is that the video stops if I put the app into the background.
Not a big deal. I’ll try IOS 11, soon, and post another comment.