Ski Season, Let it SNOW!


Sadly, ski season is long gone, but there’s always next year. In the mean time, at least there are still hula hoops and those of us who need to get a life (thank Heavens for that).

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Yes, she is an artist… is that yet another dog mulling around


It’s Buddy. He’s a rescue, some sort of strange mix and very nice.

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Only four months until ski season, trying to stay in shape, in the meantime.

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This girl is great. I like her song & hula hoop dances. Hippie girl?


Conditioning for skiing, oh, ok. How many girls you have dancing and singing for you!? Never mind, I’m sure I’m better off not knowing.
no dogs? what happened to Sparky and Buddy?

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Most of my friends are artistically inclined. I’m a would-be (frustrated) musician who never made it big, so I compensate by participating in Open Mic events and other live events … and that’s where I make most of my friends. Even built a home studio, in which to record projects.

Sparky lives in a huge cabin retreat with a very large kitchen in Bainbridge Island. He comes to town two or three times a week, but prefers Bainbridge. Buddy lives with Agnes, he loves her singing and hula hoops.


@ben1 this may just be wild speculation, as I don’t really know intricate details -, with a high degree of certainty I bet you made it :star: super-star :star2: big in the :heart: hearts :heart_decoration: of those in your life!

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