Ski Season, Let it SNOW!


Those slopes are beautiful and that’s one of America’s most beautiful cities (one of my favorites). I spend a lot of time in San Diego. In fact, I’m stopping through there after I leave CES in a few days. I’ve always referred to La Jolla as “San Diego Deluxe”. That, and Coronado are my favorite two aspects of the San Diego experience. Oh, and the Gaslamp. And Horton’s Plaza, where I can spend eight-to-ten uninterrupted hours, just loitering around. I guess I should add the UCSD Campus, it is excellent and the people there are beautiful.


See what LG is up to at CES with their NanoCell technology. Would be interested what you learn about LG’s future…


While the Gaslamp district and all the rest are great , the last few years has seen Horton’s Plaza turn into a transient dump. And it’s basically scheduled to be either totally torn down or seriously rebuilt.

But I prefer to spend time in Del Mar. It close to home and Del Martians are always strange and/or interesting people


Unbelievable offerings from them. They have a huge 8K OLED, for one. Also some incredible small things: Dry Cleaner in a Box, a stainless steel beer machine, phone accessories from outer space, Steam Dryer for clothes that looks like a giant bread machine & don’t have to hook up to plumbing (voice control, app control, etc.). More, more and more.


All of that is possible and more after spending a few hours at the bar at Jake’s.

Or you can act like a local. Get a bottle of wine and go to the Powerhouse park to watch the sunset. Green flashes are optional.


Spot on with Del Mar. Yes, Horton’s Plaza has been opened up to transients, loiterers, and others of that ilk and it has gone downhill over the years. Not exaggerating to say you even have to watch for human waste on the ground when going into the plaza. Once within it’s walls, it is still a fantastic place.

It’s been steadily (and sadly) losing it’s luster, since it became a Westfield property. You really knew it was on it’s death knell when Nordstrom pulled out.

They still have that off-beat food court on the roof, the beautiful and crazy architectural brilliance-of-build, the talented buskers on ground level, belting out what might be the next mega-hit record … and more than it’s fair share of beautiful people, both locals and tourists.

I have so many beautiful and dear memories tied to it, so I can’t view it objectively. Despite it’s fall from grace and continued de-evolution, I’m still in love with the Horton’s of old and will be seeing it through rose-colored glasses until the first wrecking ball swings (which could be any day).


What did the LG 8K look like? TCL also announced an 8K (Roku) model. Have you seen that one?


The LG 8K looked great (it was huge) and they have a flat screen that rolls up. TCL is also making a pretty big deal of 8K QLED (75-inch) and it looks fantastic … with plans of upping the stakes on the 6-series 4K, from phosphor-coated LEDs to Quantum dots. They have some great Sound Bars and new Alcatel phones with edge-to-edge display, which they claim will rival One Plus, Huawei, etc.


With everyone walking around squinting as they watch videos on their phones, do you think vendors at CES are expecting the masses to start buying 75-inch 8K OLED TV’s?

Most houses don’t even have an area that would accommodate a 75 inch device.


I have room in my place if anyone wants to donate one. :grinning:


I have 2 or 3 rooms where one would fit if I want to give away some nice furniture.

I don’t think my wife would approve. Almost everyone I know shutoff at the 65 inch size. You can’t be sitting 6 feet from the screen. And i’m not sure I want a larger then life picture of Rosy O’Donnell’s face staring back at me


Yeah, I can’t imagine a 75" tv. Seems so… small :wink:

<— has a 110" projector


It looks fantastic (as does the TCL), but I try not to put too much stock into the viewing experience until I see one on a Best Buy or Fry’s floor … everything here is hyper-optimized to milk the last ounce of excellence out of everything displayed and showcased.

It’s like when you try a sample at Costco and it tastes great … but when you get home, that box of crawdad poppers doesn’t taste quite the same. OK, so I’m trapped in a bad analogy, but you get the point. Gloriously beautiful, but …


They’ve been cajoled, schmoozed and begged by a lot of folks, I’d guess. I was even thinking of starting a Review Channel on youtube, gain a million followers & ten million views and then go beg for a “demo” model.


That happens at Costco all the time! I see something and it looks decently sized, I get home and measure it out and the damn thing won’t fit in my room! :wink:


Ben1 must be missing in action at CES in Vegas.

He forgot to talk about Samsung"s 219 inch 4K Micro LED TV. I probably couldn’t even afford the electricity to drive this TV.


I don’t think we’ll be seeing one of those at our local Best Buy anytime soon.