Signature in community posts

I’ve seen this mentioned before but I lost the thread. And maybe I’m missing it in the prefs, but is there any way to add a permanent signature to our posts that might include our Tablo setup? This would simplify the comparisons of each of our systems and may help us figure out what’s working and what’s not. Thanks for any feedback.

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That was about a month ago, they said they would look into it but nothing yet.

That was it, thanks dhanger. I think it’s a good idea - @TabloTV?

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I think this is an excellent idea as well!

Sorry guys - there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this with this software.

You can put details of your setup in your user profile though.

Haven’t tried it, but looks to me like the stuff is in there. Click on your user icon, select profile, then click on preferences. Couple of boxes there you could use and even editor if you wise to use that. I guess I can try it and say for sure.


Looks like that would work, I just entered a test signature in my profile, opened a different browser without signing in, and clicked on my profile icon. My test signature showed up in a popup. So with this system anybody who wants to know someone else’s equipment just needs to click on their user icon (assuming the user takes the time to fill it in).

That works as long as everyone knows to do this. The limitations are: 3 lines max and each line only as long as the text box you’re typing it in. I wanted to put more info but that will work for now. Also, is anyone else getting an error when the ‘Save’ button is pushed? Seems to save anyway but anytime I try to edit anything on this site, I get the error and then it goes through anyway. Weird.