Request for assistance

It would be helpful when you ask for help if the following were provided:

Is Tablo 2 channel or 4 channel
Tablo firmware
device using to watch Tablo
version of Tablo app
model of router
wired or wireless for Tablo
wired or wireless for device
if wireless for either of above, 2.4 or 5 wireless

EDIT: Just thought of a couple of others:
firmware in router
hard disk you have
how much empty space on hard disk
Do you have auto delete checked in settings
Is disable fast start live tv checked
have you looked at to aim your antenna

I think that about covers everything that would make troubleshooting easier. If anyone thinks of additional information, please reply and add it.

A lot of forums allow you to create a signature where you can have all that info showing every time you post something. I haven’t seen that possibility with this forum software, and I have looked before because it was something I thought of would be really useful here. Maybe someone else can point out if that’s possible and the admins could make this thread a sticky for new people.

@dhanger - I’ll look into that today.