Signal issue with USB tuner

I have my antenna in a garage attic w/ a run down to my basement which then splits out 2 ways (using a Channel Master CM 3412 2-Port Ultra Mini Distribution Amplifier):

  1. plex server w/ Hauppauge WinTV-DualHD Dual USB 2.0 HD TV Tuner for Windows PC 1595 (~5 ft from the splitter)
  2. Nvidia Shield / Tablo Engine / Hauppauge WinTV-DualHD Dual USB 2.0 HD TV Tuner for Windows PC 1595 (~60 ft from the splitter)

I’ve used the Hauppage signal meter app on my laptop at the Shield location w/ the USB tuner numerous times and the signal is almost perfect w/ no errors. However watching Live TV on Engine can be very spotty (pixelation, audio drop outs, etc). If i switch immediately over to the Plex app on my Shield and go to that same channel the picture is perfect. I tried re-running the coax to that location to make sure it was good but has not helped.

comparing the 2 testing spots they both have the same exact USB tuner and the only differences are:

  1. plex server vs Shield / Tablo engine
  2. plex server is closer to the splitter vs shield / tablo engine

I originally thought the distance was the issue but like i said, i’ve tested the signal strength many times at the Shield location and thats never been anything but excellent. I am curious what everyones thoughts to what else i can try…If maybe the Shield is at fault, Engine or tuner? (my thoughts are either Engine or Shield since when i tested the signal i’m literally just unplugging the tuner from the Shield and into my laptop / signal meter app

I considered switching back to a network Tablo but can’t deal w/ the 10-15 sec channel changing speed so considering either just using Plex or trying one of the new HDHomerun standalone boxes that just came out but i’d really rather make what i have work if i can fix this signal issue

I doubt it’s the tuner; Hauppauge makes some of the best tuners. I have a channel that comes in at 100%. Yet there will be blips when the Tablo records it. HOWEVER when my Homeworx is recording the same channel and program, NO BLIPS. Same time, same antenna, same channel, same program, two different results (two different DVRs).

I used to suspect that it was the Tablo tuner. Now I’m beginning to suspect that it’s the Tablo firmware. Yes there are blips in even a 100% stream (the Hauppauge meter will show that if one looks at it long enough) but other DVRs handle them flawlessly and seamlessly.

I would suspect the Engine’s software. Dealing with tuner interruptions and stream noise is Tablo’s weakness that a $30 DVR handles quite well… It may be a Tablo is TOO sensitive to noise and not necessarily the tuner hardware’s strength (which in your case is not even the regular Tablo tuner).

Whatever Tablo implementation, it confirms my choice never to use a Tablo for live viewing. Our LG TV does a superb job tuning in a frequency at whatever signal strength. If I need to buffer a live stream to go backwards or forwards, I use the Homeworx.

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Do you know whether the Tablo Engine shows using the native mpeg2 stream that a Hauppauge receives or does it do any transcoding into MP4 (as does the regular Tablo)?

My Homeworx has a nice feature which is to turn on or turn off recording a live stream to disk.

If the Tablo Engine transcodes, I’m wondering if the problem could be in that area?

No transcoding, so native MPEG2 video and AC3 audio.

Video Format:

The new HDHomeRun SCRIBE DVRs need a $35 per year subscription. Can you buy a lifetime sub?

So I suspect the issue for the OP is with the Tablo software that interfaces to the Hauppauge since the Hauppauge behaves well in a PC at that location.

thanks for everyone chiming in here! thats good to know about them being more sensitive to little blips. I wonder if it is really the firmware/ software at fault here. does anyone know how HDHomeRun handles this compared to Tablo? I know HDHR has that $35 yearly fee for DVR service but not sure about a lifetime (nothing that I can find yet at least)

I am actually on the Engine beta program and the current beta actually is really nice and i love the updates that are coming but the signal issue is getting harder to ignore so just seeing what other options are out there

I am really intrigued by the HDHR scribe boxes so doing some digging on that