Tablo stops due to weak signal but works when recorded manually

So, went to recordings section I found an error for a current TV show. I went to LiveTV section and found the channel is good. I went back to the Recordings section again but it seemed Tablo gave up not recording the show. A few minutes later, I didn’t see any indication that it would try a gain so I sent to liveTV guide, select the show, press “don’t record”, then enable recording again.
Again, I went back to the Recordings and saw “recording now”
Giving up recording on a good channel is strange, at least, to me. I didn’t see any broken pixel on the video.

See my response at another thread.

The Tablo as far as I am concerned has inconsistencies dealing with some situations that my Homeworx DVR overcomes:

Another possibility, strange issues with the drive. I had segmented recordings, support said my drive was going bad - drive tested ok, copied/backed files with no errors, even exported show via 3rd party app via tablo, no drive issue. Swapped things around, this and that… now it works.

Yea, it’s difficult to pin down, there seem to be various reason for random reboots or segmented recordings or issues in general.