SIGN UP - Join the Tablo Beta Team!

Hey Tablo Fans!

As you know, we’re always working on Tablo firmware and app updates that will bring new features to your DVR.

One of the most important parts of this process is the beta testing updates with real users. While all firmware and app updates go through quality assurance and internal alpha testing, the testing that our beta team does is indispensable.

In order to ensure our beta team includes a cross-section of active Tablo users, watching content on a wide variety of devices, we are currently looking to add new members to the beta team. (We are especially hoping to add users willing to test Apple TV updates.)

In exchange for early access to new features, Tablo beta team responsibilities and expectations include:

  • Install and use beta firmware and apps when they become available
  • Provide timely and specific feedback to us via the private Tablo Beta Community forum
  • Accept the inherent risks associated with testing new software

A few key details about this initiative:

  • It is mandatory to have an active Community Forum login (user name) to participate in the beta program as this is our primary method of gathering feedback
  • Participants DO NOT require an active Tablo TV Guide or Premium subscription
  • All users hoping to participate in future device-specific app betas must also be signed up as a Tablo firmware beta tester
  • Most app beta testing requires the use of accompanying Tablo beta firmware
  • The current form only allows one Tablo to be registered. If you would like to use more than one Tablo in beta testing, please PM (@TabloSupport) directly.

If you’d like to be a part of Tablo beta testing team, please fill out the form here:

If you have any questions about the the beta process, please let us know. We hope you’ll join us!


If we’re already on the beta team, do we need to do anything?

Good question!

We did do some cleanup of the beta group.

Those who hadn’t logged into the forum or hadn’t participated in the recent betas in terms of downloading apps/firmware or posting feedback in the beta section of the forum have been removed to make space for newer participants.

If you’re still able to see the beta section (and I see that you can) you’re already good to go.

Just joined the forum to apply for this.

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If you’ve been thinking about joining the beta team, now’s the time to get registered at the link above!

We’ll be doing all of the admin work to get folks set up for the next beta in the coming week or so.

Stay tuned!

I am a retired at&t wireless RF Engineer, Ham Radio and computers are a hobby.
I have two TABLO 4 tuners, with subscriptions for both. I am very interested in ATSC 3.0,
I have 4 local stations transmitting ATSC 3.0 now.
I also use a RV that I am interested in making a TABLO work for me there as well.
Any and all suggestions are welcome.

I don’t see any issues with using the Tablo in an RV as it is. You’ll need a consistent and reliable network for it to be connected to, a decent antenna, and you’ll need to scan and reselect channels every time you relocate. My spare two tuner is in our RV.

I do some boondocking with no cell signals hence no network connections.
I was hoping to find some way to make it work.

What copyrights?

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Just a warning. ISPs can shut you down completely for stuff like this. But, you’re not alone in your sin…

I you have wifi you would still be able to watch showes stored on your local (aka on same network) harddrive. As long as you can get internet long enough to download the guide you should be able to do recordings I would think but have never done this.

Even if you can’t get Internet access to download guide data, I expect you could still watch live and schedule manual recordings. If you know the zip code of your next camp site’s location, you could use a tool at or to find out which channels you’re likely to get and their network affiliations.

Eh? PlayOn records videos as they are streamed. It’s not like Torrents at all, if that’s what you’re thinking. As long as you don’t share your PlayOn recordings, it’s legal, although it does violate the terms of use of most streaming services.

Sorry, didn’t know PlayOn was a screen recorder. If that’s what it is. If it’s capturing the direct stream, it’s a copyright violation.

Hi folks -

We’re currently looking for owners of Tablo DUAL HDMI and Tablo QUAD HDMI OTA DVRs to join the Tablo beta team.

We’d also welcome folks with network-connected Tablo DVRs but as we’ve just completed a major firmware beta for those models we won’t have much for you to test in the very short term.

Expectations and requirements are at the top of this thread:

If you’re interested, complete this short form and we’ll be in touch: