Shows and Movies missing in the Web Apps

I have refreshed both firefox and Chrome on the PC’s but I no longer see the tabs for Shows and Movies on the left column. Fortunately my Android tablet is still functional.

Same here :frowning:

Looks like the web app got updated as I can now refresh the guide from the web app.

@HarryR @Jestep I just checked mine here - everything looks alright… We’re in the middle of some making some changes though - it’s possible you caught in the middle of one!

I’ll try again later tonight.

@TabloSupport Even my startup application now shows as Live TV, when it used to be prime time :frowning:

@TabloSupport  should add, I can’t watch live tv or record either. Clicking on a show does nothing, can’t even view info

ooops, @TabloSupport , even more… No scheduled recordings show either. At least not in the web app. The iPad app still shows everything

Yeah, it’s all messed up for me too.  All I see is LiveTv (works mostly), Scheduled (which shows nothing), Recordings (works), Settings , and Disconnect.

Under LiveTv, I can click on a channel, and it will start showing it.  But if I click on any shows that will be on later, it does nothing.


Ditto to snowcat’s post

had issues with live tv earlier.(about an hour ago)…maybe when the change took place. 
Scheduled shows NOTHING.
Just clicked on update…hope that fixes.

Concerned about shows I was to record tonight.


Ok, updated…still nothing in scheduled. Recordings are there…Noticed that my scheduled recordings are showing up in Live TV. So…that is good (if they record). Not being able to see in Scheduled is scary…maybe it just needs to re-synch?

If you have set up shows to record tonight, they still should work.  I went on my iPad, and everything is fine on it.  The web interface may not be working right, but the Tablo itself should be.


Thanks. That will assist with the “wife factor” for today. (shhh I wont tell her)

My bigger concern is that I don’t have a tablet. (I know hard to believe) So not being able to run this thing with the web application is a concern. I am good for now as long as @TabloSupport corrects this update or the update synch’s up and everything’s back to normal in a day or two. 

@napercort @snowcat @TabloSupport , I have to agree, this needs to be fixed. There are many people without tablets. And to be honest, I am the first to say yay to Tablo, but with all the complaining going on about the problems, not a good idea to release an update that just plain does not work. Starting to get very disillusioned :( 

@TabloSupport @matb33 the 0.9.189 HTML release has a critical issue with “Scheduled” show access.

I’ve deleted and readded the Tablo and am still unable to get the “Scheduled/Conflicts” views to load.

I noticed a spinning circle appears in “Recordings” as the show icons are loading (nice improvement) but this doesn’t happen in “Scheduled” unless you set “Scheduled” as the default view in “Settings”… and then it only appears for a fraction on a second.

This sure looks like a release bug… and now that “Live TV” doesn’t present the “info” button… there is no way to schedule shows in the web app. Rather inconvenant.

@Thumbs @Jestep @snowcat @napercort @HarryR We’re looking into this now. Can you all confirm your Tablo is running 2.1.10? You can find this in the Settings page of the web and tablet apps.

Yes, mine is

Mine is too.

Same thing for me. The Schedule is empty

Like other I do not have a tablet.  My only access is the web interface and the ROKU.

In the menu I only have:
Live TV
Shedule (empty)

FW: 2.1.10
HTML : 0.9.189

@TabloSupport confirmed, 2.1.10… seen on three separate devices. I also see the other (0.9.189?) updates… chromecast button (nice, but only seen on winPC), episode down arrow/collapse button (great on PC but can’t get back into fullscreen on Android Chrome to control chromecast stream), failed recordings view (only limits to shows but still list playable episodes of same show).