Should I do the 2.2.8 update?

So I got the update notice and I am pondering whether or not to do it. Right now, all I use my Tablo for (just about anyway) is to record content for my PLEX server. That is working fine (as far as I know) and I am satisfied well enough to leave everything as is with my Tablo.

But, my Tablo is broken in some areas and my curiosity wonders if this update would fix any of it, or just break more stuff. My wife does use this Tablo to watch TV some times, and I have noticed that after a few minutes on any show, lip sync issues start to evolve. Give it an hour or more, and the camera will move to a different actor while the other is still talking. In other words lip sync will be many seconds late. This would have ZERO to do with anything except the Tablo, so I wonder what the update would do here. It’s easy enough to just click the current timeline point and the lip sync resets, but it starts to lag again within a few minutes. So, I would be bothered by this, but my wife seems to kind of be oblivious. She usually “watches” TV with a notebook on her lap doing Pinterest while listening to the TV most of the time I think. My recordings seem to be fine, so the lip sync is limited to real-time, so it not a real problem for me.

I have not been able to restore remote connects to my office computer though, so I am also wondering about this update with that issue. There is at least one recent post here accusing this update of breaking pairing, so I sorta wonder if I already have broken pairing, will this update fix it, HA!

I do feel sorry for the Tablo folks. I really wouldn’t want to be in this situation if I were responsible for Tablo’s never-ending problems.

So, I asked, but while typing this, I think I might pass on this update, at least for a bit. All in all, I can live with what I have and if I did do an update and lost my ability to record, or rip recordings, I’d not be the nice fella I usually am most likely.


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2.2.8 did move some metadata around, at least the bits TabloRipper was using, but everything I “need” is still in the API response, just not where it used to be. That’s the downside of using an undocumented API. :grimacing:

But you won’t lose the ability to rip recordings.

The thing that bothers me the most are the constant LPW messages if I dare fast-forward on my Roku-3, ultimately requiring a Roku reboot. Kind of makes me wish I’d stayed on 2.2.6

Good info, thanks.

I have Roku on my home theater and living room set, but almost never make use of them. My primary player is my Samsung Blu-ray player so I can play all content, which includes 3D Blu-ray rips and uprezed DVD rips. If I use Roku, I lose the uprez feature built into my Samsung player and the 3D content on my PLEX server. The living room TV is actually a HTPC setup with dolby surround from the computer, so if I use the Roku in the living room, I have to switch the TV input to Roku and lose the surround sound. So, for my setup, the Roku is the lesser option and is seldom used.

Still thinking, but still more impressed to hold off on the update.


If it ain’t broke…

I’m hoping Tablo folks will see these problems with the new update, (if that is indeed the problem) and provide a fix for it. I have faith that with all of the feedback they will be able to provide a fix. We’ll see.

Again guys this is a big generalization saying things like, “I really wouldn’t want to be in this situation if I were responsible for Tablo’s never-ending problems.”

You may have problems with your Tablo but I and many others have posted on here we do not. If you are having problems open support tickets and get those issues worked out with the Support team.

There is no problem with the Metadata and there is NO Tablo API that has been released from Tablo. The fact that we have been able to use what we can find to pull the shows is great but NOT AT ALL a Tablo issue.


Excuse me - did I either infer there’s a problem with the API or that API changes are a Tablo problem? We’re using an unreleased, undocumented API. Expect changes. That’s called “growth”.

Actually, Tablo is making some meta data changes. But I think all the tool providers here can adapt (with some possible loss). I’ve even made some requests for some changes which I hope will come out in the future.

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First off I was replying to the thread not specifically to what you said, but you did say “2.2.8 did move some metadata around, at least the bits TabloRipper was using, but everything I “need” is still in the API response, just not where it used to be”

You did not use the words “there is a problem with the API” :wink:

And change != problem.

My point is people call that out as an issue. Again my comment was not directed at you, you can take it that way if it makes you feel better, but not directed at you.

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“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

If the Roku ever gets on my nerves, rather than rant, rage and curse, I’ll dump it so fast for a Nexus Player, there won’t be time for a LPW. In the meantime it’s OK…

LPW = Losing Patience With Roku.


Agreed :sunglasses:

Hey folks - The team is actually meeting tomorrow to chat about how we can best work with all of our 3rd party developers. I’ll touch base w/ @CycleJ, @Jestep & @cjcox with more details when I have them.


Sorry, it’s not a “big generalization” Jestep. Been in the computer fields since '69 and what is happening here is product release before fully completed development and testing. Not to say this is unusual in any way, but to say there are problems with the product that are still being worked out. As with any product, problems will come to light and they may be random, or tied to a certain area in hardware/firmware or peripheral related. What is going on here is a bit of each and most people will experience 1 or more of the issues in related ways. If you are not, you are either blessed, or you have the perfect set of variables that “just work”. Not very many will, but some will as I have not had every problem mentioned here, but every problem I have had, others have had as well. So, what we are left with is either a quite large group of people who either have exactly the same setups and are seeing the same set of problems in each group, or we have a piece of hardware that is faulted (for whatever reason(s)) in many of the same multiple ways.

Also, no need to be defensive of Tablo or their product. Most of us have a forgiving nature and many of us have had trials we’ve faced, most many times, in the computer/electronic/engineering fields. Also, most of us still use our Tablo’s, even if we have certain things that are not up to snuff. That we do, has to say it’s a “good” enough product to use, or we would not be using it. I for one now have a very good experience with Tablo thanks in no small measure to you, to cjcox and to CycleJ. In fact, very good odds are, I would be one of the ones selling my Tablo (as I even posted here about selling it), if it were not for the fact that you 3 made my Tablo worth something to me. Now that I am all settled in to a routine, I am fine and am happy to have the Tablo. If it continues as is, I am still fine. Where I would have a problem is if something should change my abilities to keep content coming in and going through the process needed, then into my PLEX server.

So, just need to let you know even though people like me say what we think, try not to read more into what we are saying, as it may not be what you are thinking we said.


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I am not being defensive for Tablo, I am being defensive of myself because when you say it has all these issues you are lumping me into that, and that is what bothers me.

To be fair to you, I am really saying this for all the others who have come on here and bashed with blatant disregard for civility. You on the other hand have not, thank you. I just don’t like seeing threads that say things like you said of “never ending problems”, to me that is generalizing :wink:


May I suggest that a very important part of interacting with 3rd party developers is to document and adhere to a standard for your metadata (a change in which appears to be what broke some existing usages).

If you note that the metadata will contain some set of things and that changes, that should be part of the release notes, available to the developers as soon as practical. If you tell them that it will contain A, B and C and that they are not guaranteed to be in that order, they can write to that standard and should work as long as you do that. Of course if you change B to B1 and don’t document it, or change the content of any of them, things are going to break, but if part of your development process is to check the content against the published standard this is either not going to happen or remind someone that they have do document the change.

To be fair to Tablo, they told us nothing. We all figured it out for ourselves.

Thank you! I also note that those who come here to rant do so to make the rest of us feel uncomfortable with the product and that somehow we are to blame for them having bought the product in the first place. These ranters expect a mass stampede out the door as we all ditch our Tablos in favor of Tivos thus justifying the ranter.

Somehow we are the ones holding them back from making their own free choice to move on to alternative products. We have to feel guilty for owning the product and proceeding with it. They just have to come here and tell us what suffering they have been put through and we have to join them in their “liberation.”

Well, I had Tivo’s for many years and they lacked support and development and subscription is tied to the box and very pricey. :wink:

And honestly was not trying to make anyone mad or upset at my comment. I think I said this some place before but with my kids I always say don’t say every time, everyone, always, never, etc unless it is true. And usually on this forum that is not the case. The other word that bugs my is thing, “hey is this thing working?” What is this thing :stuck_out_tongue: