Shield TV on Sale Again

Looks like its on sale at most online retailers as well as Nvidias site, links below. Great device to run Tablo on (and many other things).Only possible downside is no Amazon Instant Video.

It should be noted that this sale also still includes the extra free $50 remote.

New Egg also has them on sale $20 off with remote.

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After 24 hours trying to like it I’m returning the nvidia shield + remote. The remote is too skinny and the button travel is too short. The main menu sometimes pops up when I’m watching a show for no reason. It’s just too hard to use.

My Roku 3 players have the LPW problem. My favorite streaming media player is my Fire TV. Tablo is very good. No LPWs. Fast startup. The remote is the perfect size. The Vimu android DLNA player is very nice too. I would probably keep the nvidia shield if I wanted to play games.


Just FYI, the Harmony remote (IR version) works perfectly well with the Shield. I have the Shield, Roku 3, Asus media player, two IPTV boxes, surround sound system, and a Sony TV in my bed room, and they are all controlled by a single Harmony remote. Never use manufacturer’s remotes any more since I started using Harmony remotes ten years ago :smiley:

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Does the Shield have an app for Android phone to be remote?

Not sure about the Shield, but I know some models of Harmony do support android app.

It’s not just the remote. The jumping back to main menu while watching videos in youtube/tablo/… and not even touching the remote was frustrating. The speed was definitely a plus. I guess there is no streaming media player that is perfect for everybody.


I got a Harmony on Black Friday and need to look to see which kind I got. I got what Best Buy had on sale since I remembered reading about them but have not opened it yet.

Do you mean going back to the main menu of youtube/tablo, or going back to the Home screen of the Shield?

I’m guessing you got the Harnony 700 which was on sale for $49 (which is the same as the one I got).

Just checked and yes, I have the 700. Will it work with Windows 10 to program? Does the Asus Nexus Player have downloadable settings automatically? I have a Roku 4, Fire TV Stick, Asus Nexus Media Player.

The 700 is IR only and will not work out of the box with the Nexus Player because it does not have IR port. You will need to buy some USB IR transmitter - any Media Center remote should work. I don’t know about Fire TV Stick because I don’t have one. (I have the Fire TV 2nd gen, and the FLIRC works perfectly with it.)

As for Harmony software, I don’t think you will have problem with it in Windows 10.

Will it work with a USB Hub?

Yes it does, and I highly recommend the following one. The extra ports make it a lot more versatile for keyboard, flash drive… etc, in addition to the IR transmitter.

@beastman Yes the Android TV remote Android app that you use for the Nexus Player works for the Shield too.

@tom95521 I have a feeling you may have been touching the capacitive home button on the controller or something because that is definitely not normal behavior, that hasn’t ever happened to me on either of my 2 Shields.

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Home screen. I had to select the app again to start playback. I am still going to get a google nexus player for my google play store apps that I have already purchased for my tablet. Not a big deal.


I have an otg cable and this hub. Will that work?

Agree. I’ve not noticed this personally.

FWIW - I don’t like the current trend of making remotes ridiculously skinny and without heft. I use Harmony in my living room and media room. But, oh man, I have a honkin’ TV remote in the bedroom and this dainty little thing for the Shield… same can be said for the Apple TV, many modern TV remotes, A/V remotes, etc. these days.

In fact, I thought it was odd that the Roku 4 still has a big remote. At least I can find it though.

Harmony is such a good solution for this - ONE remote, of reasonable size to control everything.

Can’t say that I’ve experienced the menu popping up - the remote is sensitive though. I don’t like this trend of making remotes super small. I’d rather have just one - so I tend to use Harmony. While I prefer the shield for a number of reasons, to the Roku, certainly the Fire, and other devices you mention are great alternatives since they don’t exhibit the behaviors many of us have seen on the Roku that in many cases makes them unusable.

The tiny remote trend is a head-scratcher to me. The one thing worse than having a lot of remotes is having a lot of remotes that you can’t find, don’t fit will in the hand, that are touch sensitive.

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