Setting recording priority?


And when new guide data come down, I must go back in and look for conflicts again–because I can’t set my scheduled programs in a priority list for the machine to make choice for me.


You have used the Tablo for a while now. Can you document how many times you have had to look for and change your conflicts after you initially set up a conflict?


I have the 4 tuner model and the answer is never…


Almost 100 posts on this thread ago, we said…

However, it seems like we’ve strayed away from actual helpful feedback.

If you have a specific suggestion about how you’d like to see conflict resolution changed, we want to hear it.

But let’s try to keep the circular arguments to a dull roar.


Even though I will always resolve conflicts without a prioritization feature, tablo could always do it like Plex. Then they could always claim they were matching the competition.

Of course if someone in the household starts using the new prioritization feature and lowers my scheduled recordings below theirs, then I’ll need the account login feature(with permissions) to lock them out. But that’s a whole different set of forum threads.