Setting recording priority?


And when new guide data come down, I must go back in and look for conflicts again–because I can’t set my scheduled programs in a priority list for the machine to make choice for me.


You have used the Tablo for a while now. Can you document how many times you have had to look for and change your conflicts after you initially set up a conflict?


I have the 4 tuner model and the answer is never…


Almost 100 posts on this thread ago, we said…

However, it seems like we’ve strayed away from actual helpful feedback.

If you have a specific suggestion about how you’d like to see conflict resolution changed, we want to hear it.

But let’s try to keep the circular arguments to a dull roar.


Even though I will always resolve conflicts without a prioritization feature, tablo could always do it like Plex. Then they could always claim they were matching the competition.

Of course if someone in the household starts using the new prioritization feature and lowers my scheduled recordings below theirs, then I’ll need the account login feature(with permissions) to lock them out. But that’s a whole different set of forum threads.


I’m waiting to buy the Quad, so I don’t have any experience with the Tablo DVR yet. Lots of experience with other DVRs, and even with 8+ available tuners in our household, there have been odd times where there were no tuners available (very rare). Still, I think the 4-tuner Quad will satisfy the tuner capacity needs 95% of the time based on our new TV habits that now involve a larger streaming role.

With that said, I think you need something more than ‘conflict resolution’. To me conflict resolution is a post problem fix that requires my continual attention. While it still might solve the problem, it is an low tech solution, on a high tech product. I’m buying the Quad either way, looks like a nice product. Just not an ideal solution.

Adding a comprehensive series/channel priority would resolve most of the conflicts with a set-and-forget solution. It could also function to consolidate control over other specific recording functions. You might still have a conflict resolution section, but make it something that you are alerted to should a conflict still occur.

I’m not going to say that implementing such a feature would be easy, it probably wouldn’t be. But you have a dedicated community that would be willing to provide you with as much beta testing and feedback as you’d like.


A list of shows that have been scheduled to be recorded. Including non repeating ones, that a user can place in a priority order 1-N that when a conflict arises Tablo will record the show in the highest priority.

I have the issue that my sons PBS shows that occur at all hours of the day are trumping my prime time recordings.


It would be nice if you could set a 1-N priority of shows to be recorded if there were conflicts.


This has already been requested and discussed thoroughly, by forums members though. It’s a fun read lol


But we are now :smiley:


I suggested adding a scheduling priority like old-school cable DVR have, years ago. Maybe one day it’ll happen, maybe not.

Would it be nice and make the conflict resolutions easier to handle? Yes.
Is it absolutely necessary? No.