Setting recording priority?


I understand. You’re saying “don’t use the DVR to record your stuff–it’s that simple.” Then you declare that to be “all the tools you need”.

Could be. But given that the idea of sorting your series in a preferred order has been out in the wild for many many many years now, it’s stunning that anyone would say “this is easy–just go in and stop recording the series that’s conflicting. It’s the only tool you need.”

And again, given that you get new schedule data every night, the user is now in the position of going to the conflicts page regularly–every day, even–to check on conflicts. And given how often the programmers change the schedule around, you never know what you’re going to find.


Because the guide covers a 2 week period. You can look every 2 weeks if you had to, with no reason to check every day.


are you kidding? The schedule is very fluid. The networks change things around for no reason, on a regular basis.

A 4 tuner unit won’t necessarily solve the problem. I consider a 4 tuner unit the bare minimum, even with OTA, and I’m hitting that limit right now.


ok, that was my take… this might be something to consider:


Never said that at all. I use my Tablo as a DVR 99% of the time (rarely watch live TV). The tools I am referring to are the conflict resolution page.


They do great demographic and data statistical analytical studies and have very specific reasons - increase corporate profits.


I would love for you to list how often a single show changes in a season. You make it sound like a show will be on Thursday in week 1, Friday in week 2, Monday in week 3, etc. Give some data to support this theory.

Sure, a show might change to a new date/time once in a season, but certainly not change over and over as you are suggesting.


I bet if you’d used car analogy you might have gotten your point across with clearer understanding.


You make it like “At the outset, no AT&T customer is ever ‘forced’ to agree to arbitration,” quoted by Mr McKone. This isn’t the same, you can use your device with out the service, you can’t be a customer or have a contract with out “being forced” into AT&T arbitration agreement.


I can remember when the discussions here used to talk about real problems.:tired_face:


I should have clarified, at the time I left TiVo they still had the fee, it was not a one and done situation for OTA. Even if it had been, I wanted to move to a more “whole home” DVR and my only option at the time would have been to get Minis, which at that time also still had their own service fees. I understand things have changed since then.

While I understand the overall point you are trying to make, I feel like in real life use, for most (not all) people it’s just not that big an issue, especially if you have a 4 tuner DVR. I didn’t really run into conflict issues with my TiVo either, just the result of my viewing habits.


So again, the answer is “stop wanting to do things the Tablo can’t do”?


That was EXACTLY what you said.


I never said they shouldn’t change things around. I said, simply, that they do–and I said that in response to the assertion that “they put stuff on the schedule in the fall and it stays there”.

Of course they change things around and of course it’s based on business needs, which are profit driven.

Now that we’ve dispensed with the kindergarten stuff, let’s acknowledge that conflict resolution is something the Tablo user is expected actively to manage on a regular basis as new schedule data come in.


More and more, you come across as someone who never actually watches OTA TV.


I think “a specific subset of Tablo users” is probably more accurate when you say on a regular basis.


And quite honestly it seems more and more you simply seem to be a user who has specific wants/needs that may be better served by another product. Most of my viewing is from the big 4 networks so I record a decent amount each week and I’ve not a recording conflict in years.

Nothing wrong with that, it’s great that cord cutters have more choices than they did a few years ago.


apparently, that “specific subset” is simply “people who actually use it”.

I say that because the “advice” here is simply “well, if you have conflicts, don’t schedule the things that conflict. Choose not to want to watch those things.”


Actually, that hasn’t been my response at all. I’ve been observing the conversation and trying to inject a bit of middle ground and objectivity based on my experiences with Tablo and TiVo.


It’s not advice. It’s simple math, there are 3 shows airing at the same time and there are 2 tuners, thus you can only record 2 of them. You must choose 1 not to record, problem solved.