Series Record Issues

Wanted to see if anyone else was noticing any series record issues. Basically I scheduled all of the “premiere week” shows last week and on our Roku I could see them all in the Upcoming view of the Scheduled section.

Went in this morning to confirm things were looking good for the shows premiering tonight and there was nothing listed in the Upcoming view. So I went to the both the web app and the Windows 10 desktop app as well as my Android phone and even though the shows have the orange scheduled icon (I series record everything as new episodes only) the individual episodes now do not showing as being scheduled to record.

On some of the shows I can remove the recording schedule and re-do it and then the individual episodes show as being scheduled but that is NOT working on other shows.

Not sure if something has happened to the local database on my Tablo or if there is some backend issue going on but curious if others are seeing anything similar.

Here is an example of the re-schedule NOT working with The Big Bang Theory…

And here is an example of the re-schedule working with The Brave…

For now I guess I’ll go through every morning and verify things are set to record every evening and schedule the individual episodes if needed. That way if any additional troubleshooting needs to be done I’ve got plenty of things to test with.

I’ve done some further testing and it’s acting like it’s not seeing the episodes as new episodes initially.

Here are some additional screen shots. What I did is unschedule, then try to re-schedule new only again. This consistently did NOT resolve the issue. I had to either a) re-schedule all or b) re-schedule new 2 or 3 times before it would show the individual episodes as being scheduled to record.

I’m going to fix all but one of the shows I have scheduled to series record next week and will leave that one for the time being in case it would be helpful at all for @TabloSupport @TabloTV to have me walk through it with them.

Just wanted to throw some additional information out in case it’s not just me being affected by this as well as provide the workaround I’ve found.

Even more info…

Another workaround appears to be to select record new 4 times one after another. Basically it unschedules and reschedules it twice in a row. It seems to consistently flag the individual episodes to record after that 4th time selecting record new.

Very interesting, and detailed. We’d like to get logs from your unit. Expect a PM shortly.

No problem. I fixed all of the shows premiering this week but intentionally left 2 shows that are starting next week as is in case they are useful while troubleshooting the issue.