Scripps News Network -- nothing listed as "new"

I’ve been trying to record a daily show on the Scripps News FAST channel, but because nothing on this station is listed as “new,” my only option is to choose “record all”. This means I have several copies every day of the same episode. Record duplicates is off, but it doesn’t look like there’s any proper show information to let the Tablo know it’s the same thing from just a couple hours prior.

Could you please look into how a channel you own could give more or information? Listing them as “new” would be great, or give us the option to pick a set time of day to record the show. I think I remember a notice about manual recording coming sometime in the future, and maybe this future fix will take care of this issue, but is there a workaround for now?


A number of people have posted new ideas for the Tablo on the Tablo Comnunity however I would like to see what are obviously very scarce and or overwhelmed Tech resources devoted to fixing all of the issues that Users have identified before they start working on enhancements to a flawed product!

How is this a new idea or enhancement?

It’s a channel guide issue – from the company that owns Tablo. There’s no reason that their own company can’t make their own guide work for their own product.


give us the option to pick a set time of day to record the show. I think I remember a notice about manual recording coming sometime in the future, and maybe this future fix will take care of this issue, but is there a workaround for now?

Is anything on any FAST channel considered “new”?

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That’s the part of this you focused on?

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Yes you did ask for them to program enhancements and at this point I feel strongly that enhancements really need to take a back seat to fixing the many problems that exist across the various devices that are supposed to work with the Tablo 4th Gen. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

The priority should be to fix serious issues and enhancements go a on list of lower priority “to dos”. Nothing wrong with that and having been in this business of system development that is how it really should work.

That is good business practice.

I don’t disagree that it’s more important to fix major issues with an app over adding features. I don’t want a feature added – I want a proper guide.

I’m not sure why you’re so off-put by my offering other possible solutions if they’re unable to fix it one way.

The guide has been a huge issue with Tablo from OTA to FAST, so this i obviously something that they’re having a hard time working through. Many of us are 4+ months in and still waiting for fixes to OTA or FAST data. This happens to be a different guide issue than noted before.

I hope you don’t run into an issue where you’re recording the wrong show, because I have to wonder what your solution would be.

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I am not in any way having a problem with your requests and any others that people make on this site so please don’t take it that way.

I just want to send a message and reminder to TABLO Support who monitor this forum that FIXING ISSUES needs to be the priority and FAST!

You are seeing them fix current issues. Roku update released. Last Nov they released a Gen4 firmware update. AppeTV beta APP is out.

It’s not happening as fast as MOST users would like, but it’s happening. The more I surf these forums, I do notice a majority of user issues are internal issues, but like to blame the tablo. NOT saying the tablo is faultless, but some people don’t want to put the fortitude into investigating the real issue.


While a lot of stuff posted here are User related there is still a lot of problems reported that are NOT. The ROKU update that was released seemed to not fix all of the issues that are out there with the ROKU. I’ll let you ROKU users comment on that.

I also think my Tablo with the FireTV stick was working far better before the last round of software and firmware updates.

I have owned a Tablo 4th Gen since November 2023. Here it is Feb 22nd 2024 and I am still waiting for it to be fixed. I don’t think I am asking too much.

But as to the Roku issue, it’s literally a ROKU issue. Tablo was only trying to come up with a workaround for the apparent issue in RokuOS. Did it fix live the TV issues so many were experiencing? I have no idea. I don’t watch my Tablo that way and I can only do so much testing on this for others. For me, the app update on Roku made the way I use my Tablo entirely unusable. I can’t get to my Library – but only on the Rokus. However, I’ve got at least 8 ways (incl TVs) to watch my Tablo, and 9 when they release the AppleTV version.

Nearly a week ago, things that were working for Android/Google/Firestick have suddenly become wonky. After a few ins and outs of shows, it’s like the app’s memory has had enough and becomes unstable. An exit of the app usually works, but it does seem to be the only app with this issue RN.

You might be having better luck with your new onn box since A) it’s brand new, B) plenty of internal memory since you haven’t put “everything” on it, C) other Android/Google updates are still rolling out for devices and haven’t hit the box yet [I’m *still* getting late Jan updates for some of my Google/Android TV devices, inc. the onn STB!]

I hear you on the frustration of waiting for issues to be fixed. You’ve been doing this since November, so you’ve had to have seen some improvements – even if it feels like “nothing” has changed in forever. Since the AppleTV app is finally on its way, maybe they’re able to once again focus on the “smaller” issues of fixing the Roku/Android(Fire) apps. I know they had some huge hurdles to leap over with the Apple TV, so it was likely their top priority for these past few months.

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Some of your assumptions are wrong. MY ONN box has as much on it as my FireTV stick. So memory is NOT an issue on either box. The ONN box is up to date too.

You are right if they made improvements I did not see them and Apple TV app should NOT have been the priority. The priority should have been to fix what is out there already. With the arrival of Apple in the mix it will be just adding to the mix of apps that need to be fixed and spreading programming resources out further. You want to bet the Apple app will be full of issues?

By the way the ONN device has been near perfect. Hopefully they don’t screw that up in a future firmware or software release.

Not knowing how old or full the firestick was, it was easy to assume this. I’m glad to hear that you’ve got more loaded and that it’s working better – I still have the best experience on my 2nd gen Firestick 4k Max, but it’s got more power/memory than the others. My onn device is working to the same degree as my physical GoogleTV and physical FireTV is working.

Maybe you have automatic updates on, I choose to go in every day or two so I know when things are being released and updated. It’s like anything – you can check for an update and it’ll say “up to date” but 5 minutes later there’s an app from a week ago needing to be installed. I used to sideload to get fresher apps, but now that many of my sticks are for testing purposes, I only install what Google says is ready.

I don’t agree with that. I think it was very important for them to get that app up and in beta testing. It was leaving out a chunk of the market that couldn’t use/buy their product. Their attention was already divided trying to overcome the mpeg-2 issue, so now that this part’s solved, the rest should be little tweaks here or there.

Again, glad to hear that it’s working out quite well for you. It’s why I tend to suggest it as a cheap alternative when another device isn’t working (I can’t name how many times I’d told Apple users to check it out!) It’s always good to have a backup device. With anything, though, it’ll slow down as it ages and updates everything behind the scenes. It’d be nice if things lasted forever and worked as great as they did on day one…

The setting is actually ‘don’t record duplicates’ so if you have it off, then you are allowing the recording of duplicates.

Can you see what happens when you enable it?

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Thank you for the reminder of wording.
“Don’t Record Duplicates: ON”

Sorry to say that this has been on the entire time.

This specific issue aside, TBH, none of us have a handle on how this even works. Like: do we have to keep a recording saved so it doesn’t duplicate? Sometimes, a show won’t record duplicates if it’s deleted, sometimes it does. Sometimes, I think that there must be a slight hiccup in the recording that the Tablo spotted so it records again (much more obvious when a show is split, failed, or is only partially recorded without an error). Regardless, both 4th gens have this feature on.

[I’ve been keeping a very long spreadsheet of Tablo recording problems, and making note whether the Tablo marks them with an error.]

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If it helps, here’s some more info about what I’m recording and seeing:

Currently recorded

Series information


The feature will look at the database of programs and will avoid scheduling duplicates. It WILL schedule something if the recording isn’t complete (failed or partial).

However, this is also dependent on each episode within a series having a unique ID.

Sometimes news programs like this one don’t (I’ll flag this since it’s our own programming) but sometimes subchannels don’t add season/episode info on reruns which can also cause the same problem.


Thank you. I wish I could spot the reasons the Tablo re-records something, but it’s probably some hiccup on a commercial I’ve skipped past!

And thank you for this. I know you’ve helped me and at least two other individuals regarding this question!

If you have another few seconds regarding an adjacent matter… will auto-delete always delete the oldest overall recording? Or oldest of that series? Or does it look at oldest watched?

Regarding previous issues with this feature, I’ve been managing my own space, so having a better understanding would help me as well as others.

Support pages are very good overall, but I think sometimes it’s easy to overlook something that feels common sense to Tablo can be a little sparse and easily misunderstood by users – myself included.

Again, thank you for looking into this and helping us understand how the duplicates works.

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