Schedule recordings for series not airing soon

So I’m setting up my Tablo for the first time. Right now, there’s no re-runs for Person of Interest, but I’d like to schedule a recording for that series so I don’t have to remember to schedule the recording when the season starts again.

It would be REALLY nice if I could set triggers for series by text search that will either auto-schedule when they show up in the guide, or send me a notice (email, push notice) when they show up in the guide, so I can go schedule them at that point.

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Here is some info about series that don’t have episodes in the next 14 days.

  1. You can’t create a new schedule for them (as you have noticed).
  2. If you have that series scheduled, you won’t see it most interfaces. It will only appear in the iPad app and Firefox on a PC (no idea why you see it in Firefox and not the other browsers, but that is how it works).
  3. Once an episode is within the 14 day window, you will see that show again under the Scheduled tab.

Much of what you want has been requested before. You may want to look at the roadmap thread. Help Shape the Tablo Roadmap